Birmingham Mint (Heaton) Coin Collection Researchers or Collector.

Hello dear friends, hope you're doing well. 
This time I open this thread to ask if there is someone around that can help me with a research about the Heaton coin collection, specifically the coins that Heaton minted for Venezuela.
I have the book "A Numismatic History of the Birmingham Mint" by James O. Sweeny, but this book encloses very little about the Venezuelan chapter. 
I'd like to know as well where did the Heaton Mint coin collection and archives ended? I know about some specimens or trial strikes minted that are not referenced yet and I'd also be happy to find the dates when the regular coins were actually produced (that wasn't actually the dates that appears on the coins).
Besides that, is there any bibliography about the archives of the Monnai of Paris from around 1863?

I know these are a lot of questions but I'd appreciate your help a lot.


9 months ago

8 months ago

8 months ago

Dates on the Heaton mint go from the 1800's to the 1900's. The mint was originally the Soho mint in Birmingham. After Matthew Bolton died the Heaton family took over. They sell on ebay and Esty.  I would stay away from esty.I just looked at a whole page of them on the web.

8 months ago

I would never, ever buy a coin from Etsy. Multiply the late night coin clowns by ten and add that there's a 95% chance it's counterfeit. That's Etsy.  Or Walmart/Amazon. Coin dealers or verified auction houses for these or anything similar.

8 months ago
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