German Coins of the Third Reich

Hello All!  
Good to be here.  I've made a couple of posts thus far...I was wondering if anyone on here has had an interest in coins of the Third Reich of Germany...around WWII, or pre-WWII. I just listened to a Coin World podcast in which the gents involved in the podcast seemed to be speaking highly of Confederate money.  
I'm interested in similar monies, but that of the Third Reich of Germany.  Does anyone have any leads on this particular sort of money?  Thanks in advance for any leads!

1 year ago

I have started a collection of German 2 Reichsmark coins from the WW2 era which is not nearly done. I don't have any leads for you except that I've bought all of mine from dealers on eBay...Most were from a seller in Germany and a few were from here in the US.  My local coin dealer doesn't stock them or I'd buy them there. I wish you luck with your set. 

11 months ago

Personally as a collector I find them non interesting. More than likely because of what transpired.

11 months ago

This subject will always be a touchy one and for the obvious reason. However, these are still a valid piece of history and should be collected as such. While I myself do not, if any should appear and strike my interest I would not hesitate in buying one or more. That said, I would think a general internet search should provide many sources to obtain these. Just excise caution as the hatred still runs strong as some of the sellers may be active members. Simply stating the sad reality. Happy hunting though!

11 months ago

Not something of interest for me as a collector. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few examples. Money from throughout history is both historic and interesting, as it tells its own story. Any money that exists from a failed “state,” always draws interest, as that particular monetary system no longer exists. 

11 months ago

Some great feedback here.  Thanks for all the constructive feedback, as well as the positivity.  While I myself have only a few coins from the Third Reich, it's interesting to note that with the reemergence of Communism and the onslaught that is happening, especially in the Ukraine, that this was thus far not mentioned.  Just as harmful to our beautiful (Numismatic) World and its peoples is the Communistic and Fascist Marxism that can exist, as well as the coinage it can seem to illegitimately produce in our Numismatics on Earth.  Take, for example, the possible coinage that was produced by the horrific Stalin regime, as well as the Pol Pot regime...East meets West, and while the horrors of genocide, etc., are very real, I just ask that all on this thread look into their hearts and remember that we should be grateful to live in the fairest, most just Country on Earth - The USA.  And while we do have problems like Domestic Terrorism, etc., it's important to continue to support Federal Institutions like the U.S. Mint, as well as other respectable coin collectors and dealers, at least when collectors are respected and dealers are not leaching.

11 months ago
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