I need a grading mentor, help please!

I hope you're up for a challenge! I just joined a couple of days ago, my situation is quite unusual, I'm based in Sydney Australia and I collect Egyptian coins, specifically between 1916-1951 (when Egypt was a kingdom), 

The challenge with the Egyptian market is that it's just like the US in the 1930's or even earlier ... nobody can grade, everyone overgrades their coins massively (I've seen coins that shouldn't be more than EF but offered as UNC), most dealers "clean" their coins using various methods to make them more appealing, and patina is considered really bad ..

My goal is to one day own a complete set that's MS60 or better for that era but I have one issue: in my part of the world there's almost never any Egyptian coins so I have to rely on images from the internet to do my best to train my eye on what might truly be uncirculated .

Can you please help me understand the differences between coin grades and what to look for when grading coins? I realise its only personal opinions and very subjective but any help would be deeply appreciated!!

7 years ago

Do you own a copy of the ANA Grading standards or photograde?

7 years ago

Just in the process of ordering both from Wizard coin supplies, i have the PCGS app on my phone and building an image library of Egyptian graded coins sold on HA.com .. (any other sites that might have a wealth of images that you can think of?)

7 years ago

Found this one: http://coinauctionshelp.com/US_Coin_Grading_Guides.html#.VkFOLLerTIV.

It seems pretty useful.

7 years ago

I occasionally use colnect.com It is a collector driven site made up mostly of collectors from outside the United States. Unfortunatly there isn't a good source for grading non US coins that I have found. I would recommend sticking with reputable dealers.

7 years ago
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