Reference for WWII era Chinese coins

I am starting a WWII era coin collection. One of my first goals was to get a time-line of WWII (which countries were involved and when) and then take the list of countries and then determine a type set of coins from those years for that country.

 When Japan invaded Manchuria/China in 1931, this could be called the beginning of their WWII conquests. In 1931China had lots of regions and many various coins depending on the region. I have a World coin book, but it's not real helpful determining which regions were involved. Any suggested reference materials or websites? I will be researching the invasion of China and cross referencing maps, but advice from experienced collectors of that region is very welcome. Thanks.

6 years ago

I wish I knew, I am really just getting back in to collecting. Sounds like a great focus... Good luck 

6 years ago
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