Starting a numismatic community

I am a numismatic in the UAE and have met so many collectors in the country and the region. However, there is no community, association or group for numismatics to come together. I am thinking of starting a club or a group of some sort but not sure how to begin it and what to do to make it a successful initiative. Any advices, ideas, hacks that you could recommend?

7 years ago

I would contact those you have met and tell them you want to start a club.Find out their likes in the numismatic field. That would somewhat be a common denominator. ANA has a wealth of information on starting a club. Then there are those in this community that can assist you as you move along.

7 years ago

Start away hey make sure you put a price guide for people to compair with each other make sure make give away that attracts alot of people i would love to be apart of this club precaution make it a age limit of aleast 18 because of controversial issues

7 years ago

Thanks for the recommendations!

My biggest challenge is the way I can get collectors together. Most are non-tech savy (online won't work) men who usually meet up in each other's houses (2 or 3 friends max, not all collectors) hence the idea of creating a community where they can physically come together, trade, share experiences and learn more about this passion.

Any tips on how I can achieve that?
P.S. unlike social groups, I cannot do this in bars obviously, but can't afford to have my own venue, maybe rent something out for a session or two to see the turn out?

7 years ago
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