What do you think of this lot of Chinese coins?

Hi Everyone,

I'm thinking about bidding in this lot:


There is a video of the coins in the listing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwsPjQxNzYY

I'm new in the coins world, are you able to say if they are real?

What do you think about it? Is it a good investment?


7 years ago

No, it would not be a good investment, Bruce - spend the money on books instead and learn more about how to spot garbage coins like this on eBay in the future. At least they were honest and said they were Chinese coins - I have no problem believing that at all - even the so-called coins from Great Britain are Chinese! Did you notice how every single coin looks alike in this lot; all around a nice XF-AU? Think about it, how could that even be possible if these are genuine coins from different years and different countries? They are all pretty much in the same condition; nice attempt at faking genuine circulation wear, which is one of the hardest things for a counterfeiter to replicate. Can't know for sure if these are all "alibaba specials," but they certainly all look fake from the lot pics - and the video does little to legitimize them - Spielberg could've directed that video, and it still wouldn't lend any credibility to these things! If the coins in this lot were real, you could likely add at least 4-5 zeros to the current bid amount. Of course, I cannot say with 100% accuracy that they're fakes, because they are not in my hand - but I'm "all in" if I had to bet that these were bogus; wouldn't shell out more than $10 just to have examples to show more collectors what to watch out for, so as an educational tool these items have some worth - and I doubt they're made out of real silver. Remember, anything that seems too good to be true, especially in numismatics, usually is. Buy some books instead - the knowledge you can gain will likely save you a ton of money later on down the road, which is nice to have if you plan on sticking around the hobby for a while. Caveat emptor!!

7 years ago
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