The Nature of Collecting Coins

I am neither a Young Numismatist nor new to collecting coins.  I am a retread.  I have just returned to coins after absence of more than 35 years.  I had built, and sold, two collections.  I never wanted to but life intervened with other priorities.  Each time I did sell a coin it was like parting with a family member.  I have always been fascinated by the beauty of coins and the stories behind their development and creation. 
I hope you don't take this as a 'Back In My Day' stories where I talk about how much harder it was in my day when I had to walk to coin shows in three feet of snow, uphill, both ways.  This is really an anecdotal observation of what, to just one collector, appears to be the transformation of coin collecting in the 21st century.  After being away from collecting for so long I suddenly decided that I wanted to again build my collection.  My first step was to rejoin the ANA.  I was a great resource for current information and resources and I rediscovered that it has only improved.  Next I completed a search for a club nearby where I could get back in touch with collectors and what was new.  I live in a smaller suburb of Minneapolis.  I was dismayed to discover there are no ANA member clubs in the entire state.  I completed an online search and was encouraged to see a number of hits for a search of coin clubs, only to discover upon closer inspection that most of these 'clubs' were actually coin dealers, antique dealers and pawn shops.  It occurred to me that with the advent and growth of online socialization, that it was probable that coin clubs have transformed from a physical presence to an online virtual association.  So, I completed a search on Facebook.  Again, I was encouraged to find a rather large number of groups.  I selected a handful and proceeded to join and monitor the posts.  Very quickly it became apparent that the vast majority of posts were not discussing the appearance or history of specific coins.  Instead the typical post was a photo of a low or poor grade coin, typically a 'wheatie' telling how it was found and asking what it was worth.  The other common post was a photo of a well circulated coin with the poster asking about how common this type of 'error' was, and of course what it was worth (when referring to what was clearly bag marks or circulation damage).  After that it was mostly persons posting about how they have inherited coins and wanting to sell them.
Is this the nature of coin collecting today?  I know, I am sounding like that curmudgeon that I hoped I wouldn't sound like.  I also know that everything evolves and changes.  I am just looking for a place where I can get and share information about the coins I love.  In the meantime I am encouraged by the posts in this group.  Clearly there is a motivated, intelligent and excited group of Young Numistmatists building upon a rich history keeping the core of our hobby alive and growing.

1 year ago

You are a true coin collector. Welcome back!

1 year ago

Yeah, there are some downers in the blog stream. The rest of us just try and inform people about the worderful hobby we all share. 

1 year ago
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