FUN report from the 76th Annual Central States Convention

May 4, 2015 By ekr

By Tony Swicer

FUN had a table once again at the Central States Convention northwest of Chicago. Cindy Wibker, Gary Braisted, and I arrived on Wednesday morning. It was dealer-only day and we set up our table. The temperature outside was 36 degrees. During the week temperatures ranged from 32 to 50 degrees, with some rain, especially all day Saturday. Public attendance seemed a little light, especially on Saturday. I would estimate attendance at 1500-2000. 

There were about 285 dealer tables. FUN was in the front right with the 10 other club tables. The exhibit area had 38 exhibitors with 55 exhibits. There were 215 exhibit cases. “Best of Show” went to Nancy Wilson for “Santa Claus Obsolete Notes & Vignettes.” The People’s Choice Award went to Robert Feiler for “Not Atilla the Hun, but the Thrill of the Hunt.” Cindy and I both judged exhibits. Gary and I took the ANA Exhibit Judge Certification Course administered by ANA Chief Judge Joe Boling. We both passed, Gary in U.S. Coins and me in U.S. Paper Money. Only 30-40 percent pass on the first try. We attended the exhibitors and judges dinner and the awards breakfast. CSNS always does an outstanding job on exhibits.

There were 7 programs with the Civil War theme, 6 new book signings, 9 other programs and specialty club meetings. The ANA Exhibit Judge Certification Course was offered twice to anyone interested in certifying as an ANA exhibit judge. 

Cindy covered all of the dealer tables by Friday afternoon. We picked up several table sales for FUN and gave out candy and lots of information about the upcoming FUN shows. Both the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center are first class. The hotel shuttle took you to any restaurant within a three-mile radius and picked you up, free. We left late Saturday. I got home at 1 a.m. and got up for our monthly coin show at 5 a.m.

It was a good show for us (FUN), we got a lot accomplished, and we all had a good time.

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