Government Employees Recognized for Outstanding Service

August 19, 2006 By ekr

Government Employees Recognized for Outstanding Service 

United States Mint employees Debbie Dawson and April Stafford, and Professor Li Tiesheng, the director of the China Numismatic Academy, received the American Numismatic Association’s Outstanding Government Service Award at a special awards ceremony on Aug. 18 at the World’s Fair of Money® in Denver. 

Dawson and Stafford were nominated for their contributions to the U.S. Mint’s h.i.p. pocket change™ programs which provides educational numismatic materials to teachers and students. 

Li Tiesheng is author of several books introducing contemporary world coins to China, and the first ever written in Chinese on ancient coins of the Western world. He received an ANA Presidential Award in 2005. 

Originally Release Date: August 19, 2006
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