HOW TO: Post a blog

September 24, 2014 By ekr


Step by step: How to post a blog

1. Log in to

2. On the yellow bar under the American Numismatic logo you will see “Discover,” “Events,” “About ANA,” “Community,” “My Account” and then your username, and your avatar (photo).

3. Hover your mouse over “My Account” and select “My Blog” on the drop-down menu.

4. Now you will be on the “My Blog” page. Under “Recent Blog Posts” there will be a small box that says “New Post.” Click on “New Post.”

5. Clicking on “New Post” will bring you to the “Add Post” page. Here you will add a title, choose a category for your blog, add an image, add tags, add your blog content, and choose who can view your post.

Title: Type your headline in the white box that says, “Title..”

Category: What is your blog about? Select the topic here. (If you are posting on behalf of a club select “Clubs Exchange.”)

Add Image+: Select a photo from your computer and upload it here.

+Add Tags: Adding tags makes searching for your post easy. Tags are typically one or two words (example: coins, clubnews, summerseminar)

Blog content: In the white box you can add your content. You also have the option to make your text BOLD, italicized or underlined. Clicking on the small link button will allow you to add a hyperlink. Try playing with “Font Formats” as well to add large and small headings to your post.

Viewable By: Here you will select who can see your post. Selecting “Everyone” is allowing anyone to see your post, whether they have an account on or not. Selecting “Collectors” is limiting it so that only those with an account on can see your blog. If you select “Only Me” you are the only one who will see this post until you select otherwise.

Publish: Not finished with your blog? No problem. Use this drop-down menu to select “Draft” and save your work until you’re ready to come back to it.


  • Other users can post comments on your blog, even if you are not friends with them on

  • Adding tags and images to your blog is optional.

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