January 2015 Coinfusion: Newsletter of the Lower Cape Fear Coin Club

January 6, 2015 By ekr



Cecil Dixon (4-15), Rick Campbell (4-15) and Bob Neale (1-16).  Become a Booster by donating $10 a year to the Club for newsletter expenses.





The December meeting of the Lower Cape Fear Coin Club was our annual Christmas dinner and attended by around twenty-five members and guests.  The food was great and the comradery was even better.  All who attended agreed that 2014 was a good year for our Club but 2015 will be even better.


A ‘Swearing in’ ceremony was graciously held by Roger Persichilli.  Outgoing Officers and Board members were presented with a small token of appreciation in the form of a two-piece Kennedy Specimen set.  The following members will surely appreciate your help in 2015 as many new ideas will be discussed…President, Mike McKinnon, Vice-president, Bob Neale, Secretary, Bob Doleman, Treasurer, B. J. Lester, Sgt-at-arms, Jim Savage, Board members, Karen Foster and O. T. Thompson.  



There was no Board meeting in December. This means the January should be very interesting with our April Coin Show leading the agenda.  As usual, the board meetings are open to ALL interested members.


The next meeting of the Lower Cape Fear Coin Club will be on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, at the Carolina BBQ Restaurant, 1602 South College Road beginning at 6 p.m.  This is a NEW starting time so hopefully we’ll have more time for our auction and trades.  Come earlier to eat and converse.


The program topic will center around ‘Toning, Real or Artificial’.  Bring some of your toned coins so we can admire them.  Beautifully toned coins are the highlight of any collection.  Bring a favorite numismatic item for ‘Show and Tell’ too.



PLEASE contact any officer regarding changes YOU would like to see in our C&BLs.  Many of you have good ideas on this subject and a few members are forming a committee to work on this.  So far, Ray Flanigan and Bob Neale have agreed to help on this committee.



The next Board meeting will be held on January 28, 2015 at Carolina BBQ at 1602 South College Rd. at 6 PM.  Please note the NEW starting time. 



January 8-11, 2015, Orlando, FL, Annual Winter Florida United Numismatists Convention.**

January 17-18, 2015, Raleigh, NC, Coin & Stamp Show, State Fairgrounds.

January 24, 2015, Norfolk, VA, Coin Show, VFW, 5725 Barbee Street.

April 11-12, 2015, Wilmington, NC, Elk’s Lodge, 5102 Oleander Drive, NEW LOCATION.


* Please verify coin show dates, times and locations before going.

** We DO have Club members going to this coin show.  Contact O. T. if you want to carpool.



Jim Savage, B. J. Lester and O. T. travelled to Fayetteville, NC on December 7 for the Cape Fear Coin Club Coin Show.  Many familiar faces dotted the crowd and a couple of invitations to our April Show were handed out to interested dealers.  Their show was held in a very exquisite room at the Holiday Inn on Owen Drive.  Club member Larry DeBellis and his wife Teresa had a table as well as Mike Samaskeawicz.


B. J. Lester trekked to New Bern on December 14 to check out their coin show.  Not many dealers showed up but he was able to find a couple of pieces for his collection.


The Greenville coin show caught the attention of B. J. Lester and O. T. on December 21.  Probably being so close to Christmas, this show was not well attended.


Mike McKinnon, Roger Persichilli, B. J. Lester and O. T. are to attend Florida United Numismatist Convention in Orlando on January 8 and 9.  This Show continues to get better every year!  You may see one of us on an upcoming ‘PAWN STARS’ as Rick was at the NGC booth.



The American Numismatic Association continues to spread their wings as evidenced by TWO interesting seminars coming to the FUN Coin Show in Orlando on January 8 – 11.  The two offered seminars are on ‘Counterfeit Detecting’ and ‘Fundamentals of Grading U. S. Coins’.



Many of us collect things which we shouldn’t and that’s what makes parts of our hobby interesting.  A few short years ago, a man named Bernard von NotHaus began making his own money because he was bothered by our government’s decision to remove silver coins from circulation.  He was convicted of ‘counterfeiting’ in 2011 and, finally, sentenced December 2, 2014!  He will serve six months of home confinement and up to three years on probation.  He could have gotten up to FORTY YEARS in prison!


Mr. NotHaus issued his own paper money and silver medals in various denominations allegedly backed up by silver.  These items weren’t the best looking examples of money but they DID sell quite well.  They are still seen quite often at coin shows.


February 11, 2015:  ‘How to BUY coins.’

March, 11, 2015  ‘Grading…In General’.

April, 2015, ‘How To Exhibit Your Coins.’

May, 2015, ‘Kennedy Half Dollars’

June 2015, ‘How to use eBay’.  (Hopefully a Club member will have a computer and screen to use.)


Please volunteer to give a five-minute talk on one of your interests.  Contact Program Chairman Bob Neale  (910-799-2024) about what YOU would like to learn or what YOU want to talk about.



Tables are selling fast for our April Show.  This Show could set a record for attendance!  A few NEW dealers have already paid for their tables so we should see some new material.  Of course, most of our ‘regulars’ will be returning so you’ll know where to go to get what you want.  At least thirty- eight tables have already been sold.  There ‘may’ be a stamp dealer in the mix.


Over 44 million 2014 silver eagles were sold so if you think they’ll be rare … don’t.  At least they will hold their silver value.


A ‘March of Dimes’…silver dollar will be struck in January to commemorate the 75th anniversary of The March of Dimes Foundation.



Wilmington Philatelic Society member Richard Porcelli has been asked by the Universal Ship Cancellation Society to design an August 14, 2015 fancy pictorial cancel for the Coast Guard’s 225th Birthday. The USCS will request the U. S. Postal Service use this cancel in each of the sixteen cities that have been designated a “Coast Guard City”. All 16 cancels will be basically the same except for the name of the city in which it is used. Richard’s preliminary cancel design is illustrated here.



President: Mike Mckinnon, McKinnon.Michael@gmail.com 

Vice Pres: Bob Neale, RNeale57@gmail.com 

Secretary: Bob Doleman, Doleman1936@hotmail.com 

Treasurer: B. J. Lester, (910) 389-0939

Sgt-at-arms: Jim Savage, PPaw1951@aol.com 

Directors: Karen Foster, Foster1JKR@gmail.comO. T. Thompson, Uffda28411@yahoo.com 

Past Pres: Eugene Meadows, Goldnberyl@aol.com 

ANA Rep: Ray Flanigan, RayFlanigan@aol.com 

Auction: Jim Savage; Chis VanDall, CMVCoins@hotmail.com; B. J. Lester


Audit: OPEN

Azalea Rep: Karen Foster, Foster1JKR@gmail.comRay Flanigan

Bourse: O. T. Thompson, Uffda28411@yahoo.comMike McKinnon; Charles C.

C & BL: Bob Neale, RNeale57@gmail.comRay Flanigan

Editor: O. T. Thompson, Uffda28411@yahoo.com 

Election: Bob Neale, RNeale@gmail.com 

Exhibits: Ray Flanigan

Hospitality: Karen Foster, Foster1JKR@gmail.comChris VanDall

Membership: OPEN

Programs: Bob Neale, RNeale@gmail.com 

Property: Mike McKinnon, McKinnon.Michael@gmail.com                       

Publicity: Karen Foster, Foster1JKR@gmail.comRay Flanigan; B. J. Lester; O. T. Thompson

Raffles: Chris VanDall, CMVCoins@hotmail.com 

ANA Club Membership number 1051079

FUN Club Membership number 25857

NCNA Club Membership number 

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