Library Donation Policy

The donation policy is as follows:

The ANA Library welcomes donations of Numismatic books, auctions catalogs, and periodicals in good condition. It is through donations that we are able to expand our holdings through the direct addition of new items and the purchase of items using funds raised through the sale of duplicate books. Donated items that we have sufficient quantities of in our holdings are sold through our Summer Seminar book sales and the ANA Money Museum Ebay auctions.

Due to available space and time to process donations, we do ask that you follow these guidelines before sending your donation to the ANA Library:

1. Please contact the ANA Library’s Manager, Akio Lis, to provide basic information about the proposed donation. He may be contacted by email at or by phone at 719-482-9859.

2. At this time, the ANA Library will accept all book donations. Please do not send books or other materials that are disbound or showing evidence of mold or mildew. If you have auction catalogs or periodicals that you would like to donate, please contact our Library Manager first with information regarding companies or organizations that produced the materials, and their range of dates. Due to the space limitations, we cannot accept all auction catalogs and periodicals. The materials that we will accept are those likely to be added directly to the ANA Library holdings.

3. Donors are responsible for packing the donated items and the shipping costs. If you have questions about how to securely pack books for shipping or about shipping options (companies and services), feel free to contact the ANA Library and we can help guide you to some options in your area.

4. If you are an author and would like to donate a copy of your book to the ANA Library, please contact us to confirm that the book’s topic will fit into our holdings. We do ask that two copies be donated to the library as that will provide a circulating and a non-circulating/reference copy. Once the items are received, we will prepare donation paperwork as described below. We will also notate that the items were donated by the author in the copy level listing in our library catalog.

5. If you have items of an archival nature that you would like to donate, please contact us to confirm that the topic and/or provenance will fit into our holdings. Due to staff and space limits, we may not be able to accept all topically relevant archives. If this is the case, we will help to direct you to an appropriate organization or institution that will preserve your materials and disseminate the information to interested researchers.

All donated items should be address to the following:
Attn: ANA Library
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Once donated items are received, we will prepare paperwork indicating the items donated and provide that to our Funds Development Department for recognition. We cannot provide an appraisal of items donated. If this service is needed, we can help direct you to numismatic book dealers that can assist you in this evaluation.

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