“Lincoln’s Legacy: A Nation United” Chosen as Theme for 2009 National Coin Week

January 9, 2009 By ekr

“Lincoln’s Legacy: A Nation United” Chosen as Theme for 2009 National Coin Week 

“Lincoln’s Legacy: A Nation United” has been chosen as the theme of the 86th annual National Coin Week, April 19-25. The theme, provided by Ryan Berman of Baltimore, will help the American Numismatic Association and collectors everywhere celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, and his impact on history and numismatics. For his winning entry, Berman receives a 50 cent Fractional Currency note featuring Lincoln.

In November, the ANA announced a contest to determine a National Coin Week theme. Berman’s winning theme was selected from more than 40 submissions; other members receiving prizes were Simon Beier of Brick, NJ, for “Lincoln: A Man of Common Cents,” Dennis Berube of Brick, NJ, for “Coins Communicate Lincoln’s Legacy,” and David Sperry of Los Altos, CA, for “Lincoln’s Legacy Makes Good Cents.” The ANA thanks everyone who submitted a theme idea.

This year, the ANA is inviting members and member clubs to get involved in a scavenger hunt; participants will be on the lookout for Honest Abe and related items. Everyone who completes the hunt can report their findings online to be entered in drawings for Lincolnrelated prizes like 1918 commemorative half-dollars, Civil War Fractional Currency and 2009 Lincoln commemorative silver dollars.

A wealth of resources will be available on www.money.org, including a sample press release and proclamation, interactive flier, lesson plans for teachers, and fun online games for kids and adults. The Edward C. Rochette Money Museum is creating an exhibit for display at the Money Museum; it will be available online and as a traveling club exhibit. In addition, there will be an online gallery of currency featuring Lincoln and several articles detailing the changes in numismatics and economics during the Civil War.

Each year during the third full week of April, collectors celebrate National Coin Week with exhibits, presentations and other activities promoting the fun of collecting and studying coins and other forms of money. To get involved, or for more information, call 719-482-9814, e-mail ncw@money.org, or visit www.money.org (select “National Coin Week” from the “Numismatic Events” dropdown menu).

Originally Release Date: January 9, 2009
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9814
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