Michigan State Numismatic Society show recap

December 4, 2014 By ekr


By Walter Ostromecki

59th Fall Convention, Warren, MI

November 28-30-2014

The ANA Roadshow exhibit featuring two classic rarities and the “Kings of U.S. Coins” from the ANA Museum – a 1913 Liberty V-Nickel and an 1804 Dollar – along with an array of Michigan National Banknotes helped boost show attendance during the MSNS Convention held over the Thanksgiving weekend from November 28-30, 2014 in Warren, Michigan. 

Representing the ANA at this year’s Roadshow event were staff member and Club Communications Coordinator Tiffanie Bueschel and President Walter Ostromecki Jr.

Bueschel commented, “Our ANA Roadshow is one of our new premier educational outreach programs which brings some of the coin hobby’s classic rarities to our members, local collectors and general public across the nation. It wets their appetite about what our Colorado Springs headquarters and museum offers on a grand numismatic scale.”

Ostromecki remarked, “The dollar and five-cent coin exhibit sure attracted a lot of attention from both the collectors and the non-collecting public of all ages during the show. MSNS show goers of all ages truly enjoyed the special opportunity of experiencing the wow factor of seeing an 1804 dollar and 1913 Liberty nickel up close. The most frequently asked question of me about either was ‘how much is the combined worth?’ My stock answer, just a $1.05 face value!”

MSNS President Julianna Wostyn said, “The MSNS is proud to host the ANA exhibition featuring the world famous 1804 Dollar and 1913 Liberty Nickel. Having these two classic coins on public display definitely enhanced our overall educational offerings and added to our three-day show attendance. There was a lot of positive feedback about the ANA display from many convention visitors. It’s a sure thing we’ll have the ANA back again next year! The MSNS is deeply grateful to all the financial sponsors of the ANA exhibit, especially our two Visionary Level contributors, Gary Adkins and Patrick Heller.”

Well over 700 attendees had registered and ventured into the 125-dealer bourse by its Friday 6 p.m. closure. Saturday attendance saw even more. Not bad at all for a Thanksgiving Holiday weekend show! The show also featured over 100 cases of collector exhibits, a free exhibit judges class taught by ANA Chief Judge Joe Boling, a number of educational presentations by some of the hobby’s top tier speakers, a BSA Coin Collecting Merit Badge Clinic and a free public coin appraisal table.

ANA President Ostromecki ceased his attendance opportunity to recognize and honor five dedicated MSNS members with awards for their unwavering dedication and tireless volunteer efforts to enhance the numismatic hobby experience for many others over the years.

Receiving ANA Presidential Awards were; newly re-elected MSNS President, Julianna Wostyn, and Polish American Numismatic Society President, Les Rosik. Those recognized as Numismatic Points of Light were Brett Irick, Dany Rothfeld and Michael Strub.

woman receiving an award

MSNS President Julianna Wostyn (right) receives ANA Presidential Award from Walter Ostromecki Jr. at MSNS Warren, MI Convention

group of people, all with awards

 A group shot of all 5 ANA Award Honorees, MSNS Show.

man receiving an award

PANS (Polish American Numismatic Society President Les Rosik (L) receives ANA Presidential Award at MSNS Warren, MI Convention

two young numismatists and a man at a display case

ANA Roadshow booth, two 11-year-old YN’s pose with the ANA president next to the display case holding the 1804 dollar and 1913 nickel.

man with an award beside a group

Three Points of Numismatic Light Award recipients during MSNS Convention (left to right) Dany Rothfeld, Brett Irick, ANA President Walter Ostromecki and Mike Strub.

wide view of a.n.a. tables

ANA Club Communications Coordinator Tiffanie Bueschel and President Walter Ostromecki at the ANA Roadshow table at MSNS Show.  

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