Founded in 1964, the Franklin Mint developed a collectible line of precious metal coins, medals and ingots in the mid-1960’s, that became popular for their high artistic quality and their perceived investment value. Joseph Segel (who would go on to found QVC shopping network) developed an aggressive marketing campaign and innovative sales strategy focused on selling sets of medals through monthly subscription plans over a period of months or years. They were presented in attractive packaging designed to accommodate complete sets (thus encouraging the collector to continue their subscription to fill out the empty spaces) ranging from albums with printed spaces for each medal to framed wall mountings, wooden display cases or, at the top end, elaborate multi-drawer chests for the larger sets. Some sets were struck in several sizes and metals including bronze, sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, or in gold or platinum. Employing distinguished artists and sculptors, including Gilroy Roberts, former chief designer for the United States Mint, the Franklin Mint was able to provide superior designs coupled with first rate production techniques.




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