The Money Museum Masterpiece Series

The Money Museum Masterpiece Series includes brief (3-5 minute) videos explaining the history and significance of featured numismatic items from the ANA’s Money Museum.

museum masterpiece video counterfeit coins

Counterfeit Coins

Punishments for counterfeiting attempts have been known to be severe, but those attempts continue. Counterfeiting has been around since the invention of money itself, but we are always finding ways to increase security measures for our money.

morgan dollar materpiece series youtube cover image with buttons

The Morgan Dollar

Some people may not know is that the Morgan dollar features a woman that the designer, George T. Morgan, knew. 

The Stone Money of Yap Island

Explore the history behind the culture of the Yapese and their form of currency – the Rai stone.

Swedish Plate Money

Learn about the fascinating history of Swedish plate money (also known as riksdaler plates).

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