My Coin’s Story: Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

December 18, 2014 By ekr

**Every day this week we will highlight submissions from the My Coin’s Story Young writing contest. Young Numismatists were asked to write a historical fiction story based on a favorite coin. The winners will be revealed on the blog on Friday, Dec. 19. 

By Nachiket Watane

It was midnight of June 20, 1933. Michael was walking down the street towards the US mint. He was trying not to look suspicious but his expression was tense. When he reached the doors of the building, he hastily tried to take out the keys to the place with his trembling hands but ended up dropping them. The keys made a loud rattling sound as they hit the cobblestones. Micahel flinched, afraid that he would be spotted by some curious person. He picked them and entered.

The vastness of this place mystified him. Michael was here on a mission. He was bribed in secret by a rich Philadelphia jewelry dealer named Israel Switt to retrieve a coin called the “Saint Gaudens Double Eagle” on which the date was 1933. As he scanned the shelves for the coin, he pondered, “What would Switt do with a mere 20$ coin while he had thousands?”. And there he spotted it. The moonlight gleamed off of the polished fields and the raised depiction of St.Gaudens was clearly visible. He approached the table, picked up the coin and examined it. He admired the beautiful piece of work for more than a minute but broke out of the trance because he heard a loud rapping on the door.

The man outside the door yelled “ANYONE THERE?” He accidentally knocked over a beer glass which crashed on the floor. Michael immediately ducked. His heartbeat became more rapid as the adrenaline rushed through his blood. The unknown man broke in and stated walking around slowly. “I know you’re in here, Michael.”. It was Inspector Williams! Their last encounter had not turned out well as it ended up with Michael being thrown in federal prison for bank robbery. Now it dawned upon Michael that his former partner George Hewitt, had ratted him out to the police. This was all a trap made by Williams. It was up to him to escape this trap. Michael spotted the back door and stood up. He quickly grabbed the coin and started running towards the door. The inspector spotted him and began chasing Michael as he ran outside. He jumped over the short wall, dodged a trashcan and ended up facing a dead end. The policeman caught up to him and cynically said “You will NEVER get away with this, Michael.” Suddenly,he heard a clunk and the inspector fainted and fell down. Behind him was none other than Israel, holding a shovel. “You came for me, huh?” said Michael. “We have no time to waste, the other forces are coming.” Israel replied. They ran on the main street and sped into the darkness, together.    
st. gaudens gold double eagle obverse
st. gaudens gold double eagle reverse
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