My Coin’s Story: The Eagle of Freedom

December 29, 2014 By ekr

By Haven Perkins

My small head quarter eagle’s name is The Eagle of Freedom!  He was an embryo planchet in 1833, and was born in 1834 at the Philadelphia Mint.  He got sent to Mr. Sam for being paid to work the fields at a farm.  Mr. Sam bought food with The Eagle so that sent it to a store called Rouse’s Market.  Then it got sent to another family called the Kovarick family in 1851.  The Eagle of Freedom was put into a box with a bunch of other coins and accidentally got scratched by another coin when it was hit very hard.  They shipped it to a hotel in Florida and found out that it got a scratch so it was sent to the Perkins family in Lafayette, LA.  The Perkins family kept it for a long long time.  Then one day, as Haven Perkins was looking through his dad’s coin box, he found The Eagle of Freedom!  He was so excited to be found by someone at last, and Haven was so excited as well to see the Eagle of Freedom and it’s bright and shiny gold colored surfaces.  Haven sent the coin to PCGS to be graded and never be scratched again.  The Eagle of Freedom will get sent to the Domingue family for a Christmas present as its trip goes on.  The End…. or is it???
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