My two cents

December 4, 2014 By ekr


By Richard Hand

Who knew 1 million cents would make a great couch, a footrest and two end tables? A $10,000 living room set that was very comfortable for reading my favorite coin publication, The Numismatist. While reading I noticed in the couch steel cents from 1943. Who knows what treasures lie in these overstuffed bags. I wonder how long it would take to search through 1 million cents.

Just before Thanksgiving I went to the Abington Massachusetts public library where the Abington Lions Club had collected 1 million cents for the library. The money will be used to upgrade the Copeland meeting room with built-in projector and sound system. The cents will also be used to purchase iPads for the teen and adult room and a substantial increase in the number of large print books.

While visiting the Abington Library I dropped off a box of numismatic magazines, stacks of bookmarks, pencils and cent and planchet sets. The last three items are supplied to me from the U.S. mint. They are used for events like National Coin Week or YN events with (NENA) New England Numismatic Association.

Contact information for the Abington Lions is

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