New Phone System Installed at ANA Headquarters

November 3, 2006 By ekr

New Phone System Installed at ANA Headquarters

A new telephone system has been installed at ANA headquarters, making it more convenient for members to reach a live person, and allowing ANA staff to more easily answer a larger number of calls.

The new Avaya IP Office system replaces an outdated 20-year-old system that no longer met the needs of headquarters or association members. The new phones are digital and Internet protocol based, and include several enhanced features that allow callers to hold for Membership, MoneyMarket and Meeting Services, or record messages that can be forwarded. Callers will no longer be forced into voice mail.

A streamlined automated membership attendant will allow members to report address changes or lost issues of Numismatist. ANA staff also will be able to respond more quickly to calls, and departments with high call volumes such as Membership will be able to answer more than one call at a time.

“Members will immediately see a significant improvement in the service we can offer them when they call headquarters,” said Executive Director Chris Cipoletti. “Callers will have more options; they won’t have to wait six rings before reaching voice mail, and they’ll be given several options that will help them reach the right person more easily.”

Callers trying to reach Membership, MoneyMarket or Meeting Services, which typically have large call volumes, can now be put on hold, much like a call-center queue, and their call will be forwarded to the next available staff person. The old system forced them into voice mail.

The system has a number of other features including better caller recognition, call waiting and expanded conference call options. A call recording feature will allow Numismatist editors to conveniently record interviews, or other departments to record calls for accuracy. Callers are automatically notified whenever the recording function is activated.

The new system was installed during the week of Oct. 30 at a cost of $25,157, more than $2,000 less than the $27,335 approved by the ANA Board in the budget.

Originally Release Date: November 3, 2006
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9864
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