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 Coins in The Classroom

A Professional Development Course for Teachers 

The mission of the American Numismatic Association is to educate and encourage the study and collecting of money and related items as a way to better understand our culture, art, science, and history. To help accomplish this goal, the ANA has designed a professional development course targeted for educators entitled Coins in the Classroom.

Teachers enrolled in Coins in the Classroom are taught to use coins as a vehicle to improve and expand upon their already existing daily lessons. Coins have proven to be excellent educational tools because all children are familiar with coins and their everyday use. A wealth of supplies, along with lessons that meet many state standards are included. Teachers will complete assignments and earn a certificate of completion. Graduate credit can be obtained for educators who are interested in credits towards recertification.

No prior experience with coin collecting is necessary. Coins in the Classroom does not show teachers and their students how to become hobbyists; rather the purpose of the course is to provide concrete materials and practical strategies resulting in creative and confident educators.

The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit, educational organization that promotes the study and collection of money for research, interpretation and preservation of history and culture from ancient times to the present. Through its publications, library and museum, the ANA makes available a wide range of educational exhibits, programs, services and seminars to its members, as well as students, historians, the academic community and the general public.

For more information, please call (719) 482-9852.

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