Numismatic Theatre Schedule Set for Chicago

July 12, 2011 By ekr

Numismatic Theatre Schedule Set for Chicago

Numismatic Theatre, a popular feature of the American Numismatic Association’s convention education programs, has been finalized for the 2011 ANA Chicago World’s Fair of Money, Aug. 16-20. Numismatic Theatre consists of 30-40 minute presentations given by ANA members on a wide range of topics. Presentations will be held Aug. 16-17 and Aug. 19-20 in Room 3 of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

Below is a complete list of Numismatic Theatre presentations:

Tuesday, August 16
Noon Our History as A Numismatic Couple
 Dick and Ruth Osburn
1 p.m. Red Book Varieties of the Draped Bust Half Cent
Gregory S. Heim
2 p.m. Silver Ingots of Northern Europe
 Audrius V. Plioplys, M.D.
3 p.m. Early American Phantasms of C. Wyllys Betts
 Robert W. Hoge
4 p.m. Why Precious Metals Can Be Risky: A Contrarian Viewpoint
 V. Kurt Bellman

Wednesday, August 17
9 a.m. Fifty Years of Numismatic Research or How to Learn and Earn with Coins
P. Scott Rubin
10 a.m. The Art and Propaganda of Napoleon’s Commemorative Medals
Lawrence Sekulich
11 a.m. Circle of Friends-Society of Medalists: An Overview
 David T. Alexander
Noon Yes, Theodotus Did Also Make the Dies for the Drachm of Clazomenae
 Harlan J. Berk
1 p.m. The Comstock Lode and the Carson City Mint
James W. Hunt
2 p.m. Secret History of the First U.S. Mint
 Leonard Augsburger and Joel Orosz
3 p.m. Obsolete Currency Issued for the I & M Canal
 Dale Lukanich
4 p.m. Reverse T: A Workhorse Die of Bust Half Dime Remarriages
 Richard Meaney 

Friday, August 19
9 a.m. A Medal for Fort Dearborn: First Star of the Chicago City Flag
Jamie Franki
10 a.m. How to Succeed in Numismatic Publishing (By Really Trying)
Dennis Tucker
11 a.m. Charbneau Dollars from the Golden Gate International Exposition
Jeff Shevlin and William D. Hyder
Noon Exciting Forecasts for Gold and Silver Coins
Scott A. Travers and Maurice H. Rosen
1 p.m. Fifty Years in the Making: A Guide Book of Mexican Numismatics
Don Bailey and Dennis Tucker
2 p.m. Moffat, T. Reid – Gold: Georgia to California
Fred Holabird
3 p.m. Making a Commemorative Coin: WWI Commemorative Coin Act
Rod Gillis
4 p.m. Understanding Medieval Russian Coinage, Prior to 1533
Gerard Anaszewicz

Saturday, August 20
9 a.m. The Drachms of King Koson of Thrace and the Meaning of the Word ∆ΡΟΥΕΙΣ
 Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
10 a.m. The S.S. Central America Treasure: Insights and Latest Research
Bob Evans
11 a.m. Quarterama: Ideas and Designs of America’s State Quarters
Garrett Burke, Michelle Burke and Alex Shagin
Noon An In-Depth Look at the Silver Bull Markets of 1979/80 and 2010/11: Similarities and
Differences, and Understanding Why Commodities Markets Rise and Fall
Walt Breitinger and Mike Gasvoda
2 p.m. The Incredible Ancient Coin Collection of the Hunt Brothers:
Its Formation, Eventual Sale, and Select Recent Coin Prices
Mike Gasvoda
3 p.m. Free Banking: The Indiana, Illinois and Ohio Experience
Wendell Wolka
4 p.m. The Olympic Games: The First 1,166 Years
Anthony F. Milavic

The ANA World’s Fair of Money is the nation’s premiere money show. Show hours are 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. August 16-20. Admission is $6 for adults, and free for ANA members and children 12 and under. For more information on all of the show highlights, call 719-482-9857 or visit 

Originally Release Date: July 12, 2011
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