Police Recover ANA Coins Stolen from St. Louis Museum

July 6, 2011 By ekr

Police Recover ANA Coins Stolen from St. Louis Museum 

Six coins from the American Numismatic Association’s collection, stolen from a traveling exhibit at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation, have been recovered by the St. Louis County Police Department.

The six coins, with an approximate value of $18,844, will be returned to the ANA. Executive Director Larry Shepherd said he would ask St. Louis County police to pursue an investigation and press charges against the person or persons responsible for the theft.

The coins were part of “Money of the U.S. Civil War,” a four-panel ANA traveling exhibit that was scheduled for display at the museum June 13-June 30.

The following is a list of coins taken in the theft and recovered by police:
• 1849 silver dollar (VF30), approximate value $425
• 1861 quarter eagle (AU55), approximate value $400
• 1857 three dollar gold piece (copy), $244 bullion value
• 1862 half eagle (MS60), approximate value $15,000
• 1847 O eagle (VF30), approximate value $925
• 1861 double eagle (EF40), approximate value $1,850

The ANA’s traveling exhibit program includes ten small exhibits available for rent to member clubs, museums, libraries, schools and cultural organizations. This is the program’s first theft; the ANA plans to continue the program after assessing the theft. In all cases, the borrowing organization is responsible for any loss or damage to exhibit items while in their possession, said ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd. 

Originally Release Date: July 6, 2011
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9814
                       Email: pr@money.org
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