Southeast coin clubs listen to presentations, hold auctions

November 3, 2014 By ekr


Madison County Coin Club had Harold Fears present “Numismatic Ramblings.” The club is on Facebook at



December 1st is the deadline to get your club request in to FUN for financial assistance for the Bus Trip to the January FUN Show.  Sarasota, Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Ocala have already submitted requests. Sent requests to Cindy Wibker,

Please RSVP to me at for your two club representatives coming to the FUN Coin Club Get Together Saturday January 10th at noon. All FUN member clubs can send two reps to the get together.

Tell your club about the tremendous Spanish treasure exhibit at the January FUN show. Hundreds of items from the 1715 Fleet shipwrecks will be on display. A gold disc that melts for over $500,000, cannon, a large clump of pieces of eight and much more will be there from the State of Florida museum in Tallahassee. There will be several educational programs on the subject as well.

If you have any changes in your club listings in FUN topics, on the FUN website or in my monthly newsletter please let me know or bring those changes to the coin club get together.

FUN will co-sponsor two ANA Seminars on coin grading and counterfeit detection Tuesday and Wednesday January 6th and 7th. Contact the ANA for further details.

Ancient City Coin Club had 39 at its last meeting. Tony Bucci gave a program on “Confederate Currency and Obsolete Bank Notes.” The club had a Treasure Chest drawing, a 50/50 drawing, and the auction.


Brandon Coin Club had 37 at its last meeting. The club’s last show of the year was November 1st at the Brandon Elks Lodge. There were drawings and an auction.


Casselberry Coin Club had Ray Herz speak on “The Washington Quarters, Four, I mean Five Ways from Sunday.” Ray spoke on the silver set, the clad set, the State quarters and the America the Beautiful set. They had a raffle and show n tell.


Central Florida Coin Club had their picnic October 26th. Its September show was a success. The spring show will be in March in Apopka Florida at the VFW.


Daytona Coin Club had Len Giuliani’s uncle speak on “The History of Italian Money.” Bob Hawes showed World Currency and the club had a report on a coin show in Costa Rica.


Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club had Bill Sanders give a talk on “Oak Tree and Pine Tree Shillings.” Greg Wagner gave a talk on “Flying Eagle Cents.”


Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club had 67 attend its last meeting. Max Dawkins gave an overview of the Cherry Picker’s Guide and VAM Silver Dollar book.


Gold Coast Coin Club had an ANA DVD on “Grading Coins Today.”


Greater Jacksonville Coin Club received its new wooden nickels. They had a Mini-Coin Show at the meeting. The fall coin show is November 14 and 15. The club currently has 240 members.


North Lake Coin & Currency Club celebrated its 6th anniversary with a cake and drinks. The club had a 50/50 drawing followed by the auction.


Ocala Coin Club announced the date of their Christmas party, December 16th at Logan’s Steak House. Tony Bonaro gave a program on Short Snorters.”


Palm Beach Coin Club had a coin quiz and Alexandrea Zieman from the West Hernando Coin Club spoke and displayed  “Robert Patterson, R.M. Patterson, 4th & 6th U.S. Mint Directors.” Ninety attended her excellent program. Club membership is currently at 343 paid members.


Sarasota Coin Club had 36 at their last meeting. The club had a dinner meeting at Flemings Prime Steakhouse. 50th anniversary club medals are still available. Bob Hawes gave a program on “World Paper Money.”


South Brevard Coin Club had a show n tell, nomination of officers and a mini-bourse.


Tampa Bay Coin Club had Bill Jones speak on “U.S. Gold Dollars, 1849-1889.” The room was crowded and elections were held. New Officers and Directors will take office in December. They gave out double attendance prize. America First Christmas Club medal will be available in November. The club had a show n tell followed by the raffle and auction.


Treasure Coast Coin Club had a program on “Coin Grading” led by Chet Hogan. The club had coins to grade and members tested their skill.


Venice Coin Club had 26 members at its last meeting. Bart Bartanowicz gave a program on “The Numismatic Power Team, James Earle and Laura Fraser.” Phill Kolbe had “Guess the Mystery Country,” followed by the auction.


West Hernando Coin Club had 48 members at its last meeting. They nominated new club officers, decided on where to have their Holiday Party, had a raffle and auction and are preparing for their November 22nd coin show.



Augusta Coin Club after moving its meeting to the public library, the club had a good crowd of 45 members in attendance. Steve Damron gave a power point presentation on “English Hammered Coins” from 1066 to 1603.



Lower Cape Fear Coin Club had a program on “Plaster Coin Molds” by O. Uffda.


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