Statement by Christopher Marchase, candidate for governor, 2015 Board of Governors

May 14, 2015 By ekr


I believe the future of the ANA is the millennials and the young numismatists who want to discover the hobby. The future of the ANA depends on speaking to them in the mediums they use. This means engaging on social media, creating an accessible online library and engaging them in online discussions with experts and peers that guide them to the excellent training and resources available through membership. I want to see the ANA expand their online presence and make digitally accessible its vast collections and library. must become the premium site, worldwide, for numismatic research and education.

I am Life Member #6124, Christopher M. Marchase.  At 32 years old, I am the grandson of ANA Hall of Fame inductee, William C. Henderson.  I am running for the ANA Board of Governors to continue my family legacy by serving the ANA and expanding the numismatic hobby.

As a Court Appointed Professional Fiduciary, working for Pikes Peak Probate Services, and managing in excess of $10 million dollars, I will bring my knowledge with wills, trusts, and estates to the ANA.  I will also use this experience to work with the ANA to keep a balanced budget, find new sources of income, and cut back on expenses.

Now that all lawsuits are behind us, the ANA and its new board, can concentrate on benefiting current members, encouraging new, younger, members to join, and developing its online presence to take advantage of this new audience.

To get the attention of potential younger members, the ANA must have at least one younger board member who can directly relate to the new generation of collectors, dealers, and investors.

I have been certified as an exhibit judge and have previously been awarded the ANA’s Howland Wood and Thos. H. Law awards in exhibiting.

I have been a collector for over 20 years and a Professional Numismatist for nine years.  As a dealer, I started Colorado Tokens & Rare Coins in 2007 and I am a leading authority on Lesher Dollars and Colorado Exonumia.  I can be contacted directly at

In accordance with ANA bylaws, each candidate for ANA office must furnish a biographical sketch and platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, for publication in The Numismatist. To read the statements of the other candidates for the 2015 Board of Governors election, click here

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