Statement by Dr. Donald H. Kagin, candidate for governor, 2015 Board of Governors

May 14, 2015 By ekr

Numismatics has been a large part of my life, growing up in the business, working for my father and uncle, pioneering the first B.A. degree and the first and only Ph.D. in numismatics. I have authored three numismatic books and numerous articles and want to continue to put my passion and experience of 43 years as a numismatist to work for the hobby at large.

Lately I have served on six non-profit boards and numerous committees primarily in numismatics and education.  A partial list of my achievements is enumerated elsewhere in this periodical but I wish to share a few of my innovative ideas for the future of our association.
I have several ideas for putting ANA on a sound fiscal foundation, not just for the current year, but for the foreseeable future including significantly increasing long term endowment and grant funding. 

We can achieve financial stability and growth while robustly furthering our educational mission, including expanding “Coins in the Classroom” which I co-founded and instructs teachers how to use numismatics in their curriculum. We must update ANA’s delivery system of numismatic educational opportunities.

For our museum I have a plan for deaccessioning superfluous duplicates and using the proceeds to acquire needed specimens to enhance our collections at no cost to the ANA. Additionally ANA can be the “go to site” for virtually accessing numismatic collections worldwide. 

Innovative ideas I have for interactive club communication will make them more efficient and effective. 

There are several ways to greatly improve membership on all demographic levels including: providing complimentary memberships to veterans, partnering with numismatic auction houses to offer virtual memberships (again at no cost to ANA), arranging special promotions with numismatic firms (Kagin’s donated free ANA memberships to purchasers of Saddle Ridge Hoard coins), and using the latest gaming technology to stimulate interest by young people. 

I ask not just for your vote, but your suggestions and participation where possible so we can make our ANA the best it can be. Thank you. 

In accordance with ANA bylaws, each candidate for ANA office must furnish a biographical sketch and platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, for publication in The Numismatist. To read the statements of the other candidates for the 2015 Board of Governors election, click here

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