Statement by Richard Jozefiak, candidate for governor, 2015 Board of Governors

May 14, 2015 By ekr

With non-profit experience, integrity, and dedication, I am running for ANA Governor in the 2015 election.  Every vote counts, and I would be honored to receive your vote.

I have over 20 years of ANA volunteer experience serving in Alabama, Florida and Virginia.  I began as a club representative, then a district delegate, and regional coordinator and currently serve as the district representative for Alabama since 2006.

At the national level, I have served on the Educational Committee (2008-09) and the Strategic Planning Committee (2011-12).  I worked five years with the ANA staff to achieve member listing for the ANA in the national donation program, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The ANA was in the CFC for the first time in 2014.

I have experience serving on the Georgia Numismatic Association (GNA) Board of Governors.  I am also the advertising manager for the GNA Coin Show, one of the largest nonprofit coin shows in the country.  

I am committed to the ANA vision of being: “The most respected, influential, and beneficial numismatic association focused on education, fellowship, and public service.”

As ANA Governor, I will work to:
  • Maintain financial discipline with a balanced budget
  • Explore new donation programs and policies to expand donations
  • Work with ANA staff on program development
  • Support the ANA Road Show 

I believe the Board of Governors needs members with a wide scope of professional skills and experience to support and work for the leading numismatic organization in the country. 

I will bring over 30 years of professional experience of project management, budget, planning and government experience to the Board of Governors.  

Some major numismatic awards received:  Numismatic Ambassador Award (2013), Adna Wilde Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence (2014),  Medal of Merit (2011), Century Award for member recruitment ( 2011), Outstanding  District Representative (2010, 2009), and Georgia Numismatic Association Outstanding New Board Member (2012).

I have published over 100 numismatic articles in local, state, regional and national numismatic press over the years.  I have also exhibited at many state, regional, and national coin shows. 

In accordance with ANA bylaws, each candidate for ANA office must furnish a biographical sketch and platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, for publication in The Numismatist. To read the statements of the other candidates for the 2015 Board of Governors election, click here
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