Students send thanks for state quarter maps

May 30, 2001 By ekr

Students send thanks for state quarter maps

Schoolchildren in Colorado Springs, Colorado, love the 50 State Quarters maps given to them by the American Numismatic Association, headquartered in the city.

The ANA recently gave State Quarter maps to the more than 400 students at Trailblazer Elementary School. The children were so impressed they sent thank-you notes addressed to “Sir of the Coin Maps” and “Map Giver.”One student wrote, “The map is a great one. The one I wanted was small and had the worst spelling.” Another new collector wrote, “Thank you for the state coin map. My sister and I have been collecting them for a long time. We have been saving up money to buy one (a map) but now we got one from you. Thank You.” One note read, “It is nice to have a United States board that shows all the 50 states. I can’t wait until I get new coins for every state.” And another student simply said, “Thank you for the quarter map. The map is cool.”

Many students mentioned their new interest in coin collecting began with the United States Mint’s 50 State Quartersâ„¢ Program. Because of the popularity of this program, the Mint is issuing more than one billion quarters for each state, which is far above the annual average of two billion quarters the Mint struck for circulation prior to this program.

David Sundman, president of Littleton Coin Company, donated 62,000 maps to the ANA for distribution. The 16 X 26-inch folding maps are made of heavy cardboard covered with a green, leather-like cover. They have a punch-out tab in the outlined area of each state, as well as a color key indicating the year each state’s quarter will be released.

To receive a 50 State Quarter map from the ANA, send a check or money order for $3 (to cover the cost of shipping and handling) to American Numismatic Association, ANA State Map, 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279.

For more information or to order other state quarter folders or quarter boards, contact the ANA MoneyMarket, 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279; telephone 719/632-2646; fax 719/634-4085.

Originally Release Date: May 30, 2001
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9872
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