Test Your Presidential Trivia Knowledge with the ANA’s Presidential Quiz

January 1, 2008 By ekr

Test Your Presidential Trivia Knowledge with the ANA’s Presidential Quiz

In an election year, presidential words of wisdom often get drowned out by talking points and mudslinging. The American Numismatic Association’s new online Presidential Quiz cuts through the pandering and pork to deliver money-related quotes with the presidential seal of approval.

The quiz will launch at www.money.org on Feb. 11, a week before President’s Day. Everyone who completes the quiz will be eligible to win numismatic prizes.

Embarking on their political journey, quiz-takers must match each quote with one of the 38 commanders-in-chief to be featured in the Presidential $1 Coin Program. The quiz offers two lifelines for anyone stumped by the choices: The “Need a hint?” line under each question reveals the state quarter of the correct president’s birthplace, and the Presidential Biographies offer additional clues. The quiz may be tricky at times but as Albert Einstein once said, “Politics is more difficult than physics.”

Everyone who completes the quiz will be entered into a monthly drawing for a free, one year ANA membership, courtesy of ANA Life Member Joel Rettew. Anyone who scores more than 20 points will receive an uncirculated Presidential Dollar with any order from the MoneyMarket catalog. Top scorers, with more than 30 points, will be entered to win one of 10 Presidential Proof Sets; names will be drawn at the World’s Fair of Money®, July 30-Aug. 3 in Baltimore.

The Presidential $1 Coin Program issues four coins per year featuring U.S. Presidents in chronological order by term in office. The series will end once all eligible presidents have been honored. At present, it is expected to end with Ronald Reagan’s coin in 2016.

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