There’s always something fun going on in the Kids Zone

January 6, 2015 By ekr

Would you like to see your face on a $100,000 bill? Can you picture yourself as Liberty on a platinum American Eagle coin?
Young visitors at the ANA National Money Show can participate in these activities and more in the free ANA Kids Zone.

Design your own currency

Budding young artists can put their imaginations to work by designing their own coins or paper money. Some choose to display their monetary items for the rest of the show; others took their artwork home. Who knows, maybe some of them will create money we’ll find in our wallets some day.

Exploring currency

How did collectors share their coin discoveries before the days of digital cameras, e-mail and the Internet? Coin rubbings were one answer. Kids get to try their hand at the art with paper, pencils, crayons, and a selection of U.S. and world coins.
Kids (and families) can discover some surprising objects that have been used as money. The items were sweet, spicy and even common today. They will learn why they were valuable, where were they used, and when.
Dozens of countries on a world map will be flagged to mark the origin of all the coins kids can pull from a grab bag. With a little assistance from ANA staff and convention volunteers, kids use magnifiers to take a closer look and identify their selections. Better yet —they get to take their coins home to start their own collections. 

Treasure Trivia

Families and school-age children also played the free ANA “Treasure Trivia” game. Those who found the answers to numismatic questions from participating dealers and clubs on the bourse floor went home with great prizes and a greater understanding of the hobby.

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