Throwback Thursday: Money Talks and Ana the ANA Genie

October 9, 2014 By ekr


In 1992, “Money Talks” a radio program on the history and lore of money, began broadcasting across the country on several National Public Radio-affiliated stations. Ana the ANA Genie (pictured above) was the “mascot” of the ANA at the time. Phyllis Phlegar was the voice of Ana and read the “Money Talks” broadcasts. “Money Talks” consisted of coin stories that were recorded to “add new interest to the age-old hobby of numismatics and to preserve the tales for future generations of collectors,” Ken Bressett, former ANA president, said when the series was first launched.

The “Money Talks” broadcasts were typically 2-4 minutes long and covered topics as simple as, “What is Money?” to something as specific as “What’s a Bit and What’s it Worth?”

On Oct. 5, 1992, “Money Talks” broadcasted on 91 stations and by 1996 the radio show was heard on 552 stations worldwide.

Contributors at the time included:

Krause Publications

Heritage Rare Coin Galleries

Western Publishing Company

The Professional Numismatists Guild

Ganz & Hollinger Law Firm

Amos Press

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