Throwback Thursday: Numisma’s Rule, a poem from 1892

November 20, 2014 By ekr


Numisma’s Rule

When evening shades have come to greet us,

And we lay all our cares aside;

Forgetting all our business muddles,

How friends applaud and foes deride;

In home, be it palace grand, or hovel,

From California’s coast to Maine;

In quietude with friends to bless us,

We feel that Queen Numisma reigns.

Our Goddess calls us to her bosom,

Like lovers we obey her call,

And willingly fall captive to her,

And soon our heart-strings she enthralls.

In city, village, country, town;

No matter where our lot be cast,

For charms, delight, and love of art,

Thou! Queen of Numis, hold us fast.

Prince and peasant, rich and lowly;

Alike, seem captive to thy charms,

And all are ready to reach forth

And grasp you in their love-strong arms.

It seems quite strange that this should be,

To those who’ve drank not at the pool

Of pleasure which our science brings;-

She rules with mildness,-let her rule.

by Roy F. Greene

published in The Numismatist June 1892
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