Throwback Thursday: The Collection of the Late Dr. George F. Heath

March 26, 2015 By ekr


‘Part 1 to be Sold by Mail Auction January 15, 1909’

George F. Heath is one of the most well-known numismatists due to his contributions to the hobby. In 1891, he, along with a few others, founded the American Numismatic Association. Dr. Heath was also the owner of The Numismatist and frequently published his work in the magazine. This may be the reason why so many collectors felt as if they personally knew him.

On June 16, 1908, Dr. Heath passed away. The first part of his numismatic collection was offered for sale at auction in the December 1908 issue of The Numismatist. On several occasions, Dr. Heath mentioned that he wanted Mr. Howland Wood to be in charge of selling his coins. Promptly after her husband’s death, Mrs. Heath forwarded the collection to Mr. Wood, who began to catalogue and sell the items.

In The Numismatist it was written, “Let us say that every member of the Association should possess one or more of the late Doctor’s coins both from this sale and from the other sections that will follow.”

Below is a list of 15 out of 114 items in Dr. Heath’s collection. A couple of the items have the current retail value listed beside them.

Challenge: Find the current retail value of the items that haven’t already been valued.

Hint: You will need more than just your “Standard Catalog of World Coins” by George S. Cuhaj and Thomas Michael, but that is always a good place to start.

Crowns and Thalers.

All are crowns unless otherwise stated.


  1. Augsburg, Ferdinand III, 1643, Bust in Armor, rev. View of city, V. fine, 43 m m. $275
  2. Brandenburg, George and Albert, 1540, Bust facing; rev. cross and five shields, good 40 m m.

  3. Brunswick Henry Julius, 1597, Truth Crown, Obv. Christ blessing, and I1 coats of arms; rev. inscription, v. good, slight trace of solder, 40 m m.

  4. Henry Julius, 1612, Wildman Thaler; obv. good, rev. v. good, 42 m m. less than $100
  5. Christian, 1620, Crown, Obv. bust of Duke; rev. arms and Justitia & Concordia, good, 42 m m.

  6. Christian, same but ins. In Speet Silentio, good, 42, 42 m m.

  7. Italy, Genoa, 1684, Madonna and Child; rev. Cross. Obv. good, rev. v. 43 m m. less than $600
  8. Gueldres, States General, 1620, Half figure of knight; rev. Arms v. good. 43 m m.

  9. Hungary, Ferdinand, broad crown, Kremnitz mint, 1555, half fig. in armor crowned, with sceptre, rev. arms, eagle and Madonna v. good 42 m m.

  10. Rudolph 11, 1604, Bust with ruff, rev. double eagle, Kremnitz mint, fine 43.

  11. Ferd. 111, 1657, rude bust, rev. eagle, good, 45.

  12. John Huss, 1717, Huss at the stake, Second jubilee of the Reformation, good 41.

  13. Lucca (Italy) Crowned arms, rev. St. Martin dividing his robe with a beggar, 1747 v. good, 43.

  14. Tuscany, Cosimo II, 1621 crowned half figure, rev. arms, good, 43.

  15. Naples Republic, 1798, full figure rev. Ins. good, 43.

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