Throwback Thursday: The Denver Mint, then and now

January 22, 2015 By ekr


Take a look at this old photo alongside of a recent photo of the United States Branch Mint in Denver, Colorado. The Denver Branch Mint first opened in 1863 but the operations were confined to the melting, refining, assaying, and stamping of bullion. It wasn’t until February of 1906 that coinage operations at the Denver Mint began.

If you plan on attending Summer Seminar in June, consider tagging along for the Denver Mint Tour excursion. The Denver Mint offers fascinating 45-minute tours that appeal to all ages. On these tours the visitors will get to see coining presses that strike more than 750 coins a minute. Intersession Activities are lined up for attendees that wish to experience more of Colorado before or after their session ends. These activities are offered June 25 and 26. For more information on Summer Seminar and Intersession Activities go to

Fun Fact:

The Denver Mint produces more coins than any other mint in the world.

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photo credit for recent photo of the Denver Mint: SCV TV
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