Throwback Thursday: The First ANA President

December 18, 2014 By ekr


In the June 1891 issue of The Numismatist, founder George F. Heath called upon the public asking for letters in favor of establishing the ANA. He wrote, “What’s the matter of having an American Numismatic Association? Would it be possible? Would it be practicable? All in favor of such a scheme, send in your names.”

Several letters were published including one written by W.G. Jerrems, Jr. that stated, “I shall be glad to hear that such a society is being formed, and will give it all the aid that I can.” W.G. Jerrems, Jr. was later personally nominated by Dr. George F. Heath and received an overwhelming amount of votes in the election. W.G. Jerrems, Jr. served as ANA president 1891-1892.
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