Throwback Thursday: The first Summer Seminar

February 5, 2015 By ekr


The first Summer Seminar took place July 13-19, 1969. Twenty students coming from 13 states attended. The theme was “Numismatics in General, A Basic Introduction to Coin Collecting.” At the time, Arthur Sipe was the ANA president and Adna G Wilde Jr. was the executive director.

The first Summer Seminar was termed a “huge success.” By the end of the week, one student had already made a deposit for the next year’s seminar.

Many aspects of Summer Seminar are the same now as they were back then. Colorado College graciously hosted and students stayed in a house on campus. There was an event on Sunday evening to allow the attendees to get acquainted with one another. Each student was given a college activity card, which many used to visit the campus recreation center to see how the altitude affected their swimming and tennis abilities.

The cost was $99.50, which included lecture fees, room and board for 6 days and nights, transportation for field trips and guide and admission fees. Students took a trip to the Denver Mint, where superintendent Charles Miller acted as a tour guide. Following that outing the group went to First National Bank of Denver for a second tour.

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for numismatic scholarship and camaraderie that offers students a varied selection of weeklong courses designed for discovery or continued study. For many students, Summer Seminar is a life-changing event; it has catapulted the careers of several of the nation’s most respected collectors, authors and dealers. Most importantly, everyone attending Summer Seminar shares a common trait: a passion for numismatics. For more information on the 2015 Summer Seminar, go to
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