Two More Historic Coins from “Walton The Collector” at ANA Charlotte Convention

February 22, 2007 By ekr

Two More Historic Coins from “Walton The Collector” at ANA Charlotte Convention 

Two previously unreported, historic coins from the legendary collection of George O. Walton – an 1830’s era Bechtler gold dollar and a 1921 Zerbe proof Morgan silver dollar – will be exhibited along with his famous 1913 Liberty Head nickel at the American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show in the Charlotte, N.C. Convention Center, March 16 – 18. 

“This is an exciting discovery for the hobby. It was previously assumed all his coins were sold at a public auction in 1963,” said Douglas Mudd, ANA curator of exhibitions. “Then the four decade’s old mystery about the whereabouts of ‘missing’ fifth specimen 1913 Liberty nickel was solved in 2003 when the coin literally came out of a family closet, and now two more historic coins from his extensive collection are reported.” 

On loan from Walton’s heirs, the coins will be displayed in a special ANA-created exhibit, “Walton the Collector,” that also will include examples of non-numismatic items he collected starting in the 1940s. Walton was killed in a car crash in March 1962 while driving from Charlotte to Wilson, N.C. to attend a coin show. 

“In the early 1960s, Walton owned more than 200 Bechtler gold pieces, and his impressive collection established an auction record in 1963 of more than $800,000. However, his family saved several coins from the collection, and they recently were rediscovered,” Mudd said. 

Using ore mined in the Piedmont region, Christopher Bechtler and his family privately struck gold coins in Rutherford County, N.C. between 1830 and 1852. In addition to the Walton gold dollar exhibit, descendants of the Bechtler family will display other examples of these historic, valuable coins in an educational exhibit prepared by the Charlotte Coin Club. 

Zerbe proof dollars are named after former ANA President, Farran Zerbe, who convinced Mint officials to produce a relatively small number of special proof versions of the 1921 Morgan silver dollars. Slightly different proof versions were made at the request of Philadelphia coin dealer, Henry Chapman. 

The National Money Show™ brings together people of all ages who share an interest in coins, paper money, tokens and medals, art, history and related areas. The Charlotte Coin Club, the North Carolina Numismatic Association and the South Carolina Numismatic Association are the event’s host clubs; General Chairman is Gregory Field. 

The three-day educational event features a dealer bourse with numismatic venders ready to buy, sell, appraise or trade; mints from the United States, Canada, France and Poland; coin club representatives from throughout the U.S.; an educational exhibit area where visitors can pan for gold, multi-million-dollar auction by Heritage 

Auction Galleries and hourly educational presentations, seminars, workshops and meetings. Admission is free and the public is welcome. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. 

Originally Release Date: February 15, 2007
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