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Enjoy online courses and lectures from fellow collectors and professional numismatists. Click here to register for upcoming live classes. Webinars are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. 


Digital Image Editing for Numismatics: Getting Your Obverses & Reverses Together

Attendees will learn how to organize, edit, and modify coin and paper money images for the purposes of print and web publishing, cataloging, personal reference, and exhibiting. Topics covered will include the basics of image resolution, file naming, and file formats; and a brief discussion of ethical guidelines. Demonstrations will be conducted using Adobe Photoshop® and include the basics of color correction, how to add or remove backgrounds from images, how to merge separate images of obverse and reverse into a single seamless image, and how to create special effects such as drop shadows.
Instructor: Michael Kodysz

Originally presented September 14, 2020



 MPC Boot Camp

All Military Payment Certificate (MPC) enthusiasts are to report for duty! The mission includes basic to the advanced study of MPCs. Deserters will be court-martialed!
Drill Sergeant: Carlton “Fred” Schwan, long-time instructor and author of The Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates and co-author of World War II Remembered: History in Your Hands, A Numismatic Study

Originally presented September 17, 2020.



 Grading 101 in Arabic

تعرف علي اسس وفلسفة التقييم السليمة و تطورها, الي جانب المعادن المستخدمة لسك عملات الولايات المتحدة وكذلك كيفية فحص العملة بشكل سليم ومواضيع اخري عديدة ذات صلة. الويبينار سيتضمن محاضرة باوربوينت وستتاح فرصة للأجابة علي بعض الأسئلة- هدف المحاضرة اعطائك الثقة الكافية لتقييم اي عملة قبل اضافتها لمجموعتك – المحاضرة باللغة العربية

المحاضر: محب زرق الله من اعداد رود جيليس اعضاء بالجمعية الأمريكية للنميات
Explore the philosophy behind learning how to grade. Review the characteristics of the four basic metals used in minting coins in the United States. Instruction will consist of a lecture, a PowerPoint presentation, and question and answer periods. ANA grading standards will be stressed. Gain the confidence needed to accurately assess potential coins for your collection. This webinar will be presented in Arabic.
Instructor: Moe Rizkalla, original content: Rod Gillis American Numismatic Association

Originally presented October 2, 2020



 Secrets of the Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents

Participants will examine all aspects of collecting two of the most popular series in U.S. numismatics, including history, grading, values, varieties, and collecting strategies. The course also covers counterfeit and problem coins.
Instructor: Richard Snow, professional coin dealer, and specialist in U.S. small cents
Originally presented October 13, 2020


 Numismatic Photography: Digital Equipment & Techniques

This course explores basic and intermediate photography techniques, using a proper macro-capable digital camera, I-pad, or cellphone. Learn how to choose and use accessories that will help achieve professional numismatic photographs for documenting items in your collection and/or for online use. Understanding the features/functions typically found on digital cameras, cellphones and I-pads, lighting techniques, copy stand selection, proper camera set-up, and proper lens choice. By the end of this course, you will have developed the ability to understand your camera and use the fundamentals to improve your confidence in taking pictures.
Instructors: Clark Fogg, Senior Forensic Specialist (ret.) Beverly Hills Police Department and professional numismatic photographer. ANA Summer Seminar Instructor: Introduction to Numismatic Photography; and David Heinrich, coin photographer, and editor of several local and regional numismatic publications. ANA Summer Seminar Instructor: Introduction to Numismatic Photography.
Originally presented October 22, 2020

 U.S. Error Coins

In this presentation, we will discuss the minting process. We will look at various US error coins from my own collection, and we will learn how these error coins were produced.
Instructor: Dany Rothfeld
Originally presented October 27, 2020


 Coin Collecting Basics

This informal class will help you decide what to collect and how to store your collection. Subjects such as grading and the variables that determine value are discussed. Learning how to enjoy the hobby to its fullest is explored.
Instructor: Rod Gillis Education Director, American Numismatic Association

Originally presented November 11, 2020


 Young Collectors Corner

This course explores the wonderful world of coin collecting at its most basic levels, to help young collectors learn more about the hobby of numismatics. Areas covered include:

► What is money?

► Coin identification, including the parts of a coin and banknotes.

► How coins and bank notes are made.

► Requirements necessary for Scouts to earn their Coin Collecting Merit Badge of Fun With Money Patch.

► Various ANA programs available to Young Numismatists.
Instructor: Sam Gelberd Numismatic Educator, American Numismatic Association

Originally presented November 14, 2020



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