ANA eLearning Academy Recorded Webinars Archive Spring 2022


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The 5 Kopecks of Catherine the Great

Explore the fascinating series of the 50 gram copper 5 Kopecks of Imperial Russia.
Presenter: Vincent Contessa

Originally presented March 31, 2022.





The Occupation of Hong Kong and the Life of a Veteran

The presentation covers the numismatic and philatelic issues affecting Hong Kong before, during and after the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II. In addition, it also incorporates the life of my late father who was one of the 14,000 defenders of Hong Kong, his internment as a POW, and his life after the war as an Olympic marksman.


An abridged version of this presentation was printed in the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association’s CN Journal in 2018 and won the Guy Potter Literary Award for the best numismatic article of 2018.

Presenter: Michael Souza

Originally presented March 22, 2022



Prince of Youth: Coinage Traces the Rise and Fall of Publius Septimius Geta

Discusses Severan-era Roman coinage illustrating the life of the Roman emperor Geta. This youngest son of Septimius Severus was propagandized on coins from childhood as destined to rule alongside his brother Caracalla. Coin types legitimizing Geta’s status as imperial heir include those featuring him as Princeps Iuventutis, meaning “prince of youth” or “first among the young.” Other types shown are those that celebrate Geta’s harmonious relations with his family, his brother, and the military. Geta’s portrayal on coinage as co-Augustus with his brother Caracalla is examined, as well as portraiture that forms a visual chronicle of his physical development from boyhood to maturity. Coins showing evidence of erasure and defacement are included as well. On some coins, Geta’s image was physically mutilated, and these coins form numismatic evidence of the damnatio memoriae instituted by his brother Caracalla, who murdered him.
Presenter: Michael Kodysz

Originally presented April 20, 2022.

Please check back for recording.

 The Story of a Challenge Coin and the Red Bull “Stratos Project”

The lecture is about the the “Stratos Project” and the challenge coins produced during the phases of the project. the Stratos Project was an endeavor by a company called Sage/Cheshire and sponsored by the Red Bull energy drink corporation to break the world record for highest freefall parachute jump. Sage/Cheshire produced a set of challenge coins for each test jump and when I was presented one, as a gift, I developed this lecture with photos about previous records, attempts, and mishaps from information that is subtly noted on the coins. I currently own 3 of the 4 coins that were produced along with photographic images of the 4th. A short video of the record setting jump is also included.
Presenter: James Phillips

Originally presented April 25, 2022.



The Story of the U.S. Trade Dollar – 1873-1885

The program is an historical overview of this non-regular U.S. Mint issued silver dollar established by the coinage law of 1873. What was its original purpose, value and commerce use. Did it have U.S. legal tender issue status? Why were many coins counter stamped with ‘chop-marks’? Additional topics covered: Which U.S. Mint’s produced them in both circulation and specimen proofs, collector interest and values today by Mintmarks, grades and some grading tips, counterfeits, and concluding with the unknown to collectors until 1908 of the rare proof strikes of 1884 & 1885.
Presenter: Walt Ostromecki

Originally presented April 28, 2022.



Lewis & Clark: A Lasting Numismatic Legacy

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 doubled the size of our young country; however, the boundaries of this territory and what it contained were somewhat unknown. President Jefferson chartered the “Corps of Discovery”, led by Lewis & Clark, to explore the region, establish an American presence, establish trade with the native tribes, and document the flora and fauna that were previously unknown. Although relatively unheralded in the 1800s, the centennial and bicentennial anniversaries of the momentous undertaking spawned numerous examples of numismatic heralding as well as tokens. This presentation provides a historical background examples of numismatic interest.
Presenter: Phil Vitale

Originally presented May 4, 2022.



The Propaganda of Civil War: The Numismatic Legacy of the English Civil Wars

The Propaganda of Civil War is about the coinage of the English Civil Wars from 1642- 1653. Learn about how the two sides used the messages of coinage to support their cause!
Presenter: Doug Mudd

Originally presented May 18, 2022.



 Paper Money Oddities
This presentation will cover a variety of errors and environmental issues that can affect paper money, such as ink starvation errors, offset errors, other printing defects associated with the several steps in creating US notes, and color changelings.
Presenter: Joseph Boling

Originally presented May 24, 2022.

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