Wilson Elementary School students enjoyed Money Museum

April 7, 2015 By ekr


The ANA received lovely Thank You cards this morning from Wilson Elementary School students.

The students took a field trip to the Money Museum to learn about the parts of a coin, how money is made and to see some of the rarest coins in the world.

Many children commented about how cool it was to take home a token from the museum’s very own Mini-Mint. Others enjoyed learning about sunken treasure in the recently added Treasures of the Deep exhibit. It is wonderful to see so many young kids enjoy the Money Museum and all it has to offer.

Mrs. Miller’s class said, “We can’t wait to visit the Money Museum again!” The ANA would like to say, Wilson Elementary, you are welcome back anytime! (See the full letters below)

If you would like to bring your class to the Money Museum, contact ANA Numismatic Instructor Sam Gelberd at 482-9846 or email sgelberd@money.org. The Money Museum will reimburse the school district for school bus rental fees and admission is FREE for all students, teachers and chaperones. Visit money.org/moneymuseum/moneybus for more information. 

typed letter with kids' signatures
typed letter
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