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The Numismatist

The Numismatist is a colorful, high-quality, educational magazine for collectors of coins, tokens, medals and paper money that is published monthly. 

Each issue features 96-104 pages of informative, illustrated articles about the historical and entertaining aspects of numismatics, reports of hobby events and new coinage issues, and advertising by nationally respected dealers.

Digital Advertising

Margin Ads
Margin ads appear in the digital version of The Numismatist outside the page, and can show on all pages or specific pages. These ads provide an extended view time for the reader.
Video or Audio
Video options include embedded or pop-up videos within the digital edition that can auto-start or click-to-start; or links to external videos that open in another window. Audio can be click-to-start or auto-start.
Presentation Pages
A presentation page appears opposite the front cover and is the first message most viewers see.
Double Truck

These two-page spreads can be placed anywhere in the digital or print editions and are sure to catch readers’ attention. This option is perfect for pairing multiple images and bold graphics with engaging copy.

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