Bridging the Gap Training

The Numismatic Crime Information Center in partnership with the American Numismatic Association has launched a program “Numismatics and Law Enforcement” to facilitate dialogue between coin collectors, coin dealers and law enforcement and raising awareness of numismatic crime as a growing problem. The program has been developed with the goal of increasing the knowledge of law enforcement on the local level about numismatics and the resources available during the investigation of a numismatic crime.

To be successful the program requires the participation of coin clubs across the country. The program has been designed for club representatives to present basic information about numismatics in an educational setting at monthly club meetings to local law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges. 

The program provides clubs with an educational tool to build on-going relationships between the numismatic community and law enforcement. These relationships support the educational strategic initiatives of both the Numismatic Crime Information Center and the American Numismatic Association.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is working towards a fully coordinated strategy that encompasses effective prevention, public awareness and education, victim assistance, and fully engages national and international law enforcement agencies at all levels and industry organizations to address the problem of numismatic crime.

Doug Davis


Numismatic Crime Information Center

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