The Birth of the Netherlands

During the Franco-Dutch War, Bernhard von Galen, the bishop of Munster, laid siege to the city of Groningen. In a historic confrontation that tested the strength of the fledgling United Provinces, the Dutch claimed victory over von Galen in what many historians consider the birth of the Netherlands. The author of Siege Coins of the World, 1453-1902, Lawrence C. Korchnak, tells the story of the 1672 siege of Groningen and celebrates the defense of the city in his Money Talks presented during the 2022 World’s Fair of Money® in Rosemont, Il.

Florida Paper Currency, 1817-1935 by Ray Herz

Unlike coins, Florida paper currency is profoundly tied to local history. Using the Sunshine State as a microcosm for the United States, this talk covers two major eras – Territorial, Obsolete and State Currency (1817-65) and National Currency (1874-1934) – and explains the gap between them.

Dr. Daniel Valentine: A Numismatic Pioneer by Jerry Fochtman

This presentation delves into the life of Dr. Daniel W. Valentine, looking beyond his landmark books on postage stamps, fractional currency and United States half dimes.

The Men Who Made the First U.S. Coins by Bill Eckberg

A mint actually is a factory, not merely a government institution. In its earliest days, the U.S. Mint manufactured truly hand-crafted coins. This talk was filmed at the 2017 National Money Show in Orlando.

Foreign Coins Made in U.S. Mints During WWII by Bob Jaques

While American was fighting a two-theater war, U.S. mints continued to produce coins for more than 30 countries. Though some metals were in short supply because of the war effort, coins were minted in silver, brass and copper-nickel. The lowest mintage was 100,000, making some of these pieces rare and highly desirable.

Collecting Modern U.S. Mint Medals for Fun and Profit by Dennis Tucker

This presentation was given by Dennis tucker at the 2017 Denver World's Fair of Money.

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