National Coin Week 2018 Celebrates Unity Across Borders

To honor the role of numismatics in building bridges and promoting unity and reconciliation, "Connecting Cultures: From Many, One" is the theme for the 95th annual National Coin Week, April 15-21, 2018.  Check back soon for updates on contests and activities.

For more information, email ncw@money.org or call (719) 482-9814.

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National Coin Week Knowledge Center

Articles from The Numismatist

Spanning the Ages: The Brooklyn Bridge

Completed in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has been honored on a variety of medals and tokens.


Bridging Art & Numismatics: Michigan Avenue Bridge

Sculptures featured on Chicago's Michigan Avenue Bridge were created by two prominent coin designers.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Coins & Medals of the Olympics

The Olympics are always a unifying world event. Learn about the coins and medals that honor these games.

Peace Dollars: Icons of Post World War I

The ANA spearheaded the creation of a $1 coin commemorating peace following World War I.

Peace Through War: An Ancient Delusion

Did the Roman Empire achieve "Peace Through War"? An interesting article from the Nov. 1916 The Numismatist.


Image Gallery

1787 Fugio cent

The 13 linked rings represent the new United States.

2002 20€ note, reverse

The bridge is a unifying theme on euro notes. Initially a fictional bridge, it was later built near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2012 10 rand note

This beautiful note features anti-apartheid revolutionary and president of South Africa (1994-1999) Nelson Mandela.

Karl Goetz' 1918

Karl Goetz' 1918 "Christmas at Home" medal celebrates a holiday of peace after four years consumed by war.

The History of National Coin Week

National Coin Week began in 1923, when ANA Governor Julius Guttag suggested to ANA President Moritz Wormser that a week-long event should be established “to attract the general public to our hobby and consequently increase our membership, and aid in our science.” That December, the first announcement of a “Coin Week” was made in The Numismatist and scheduled for the week of February 9-16, 1924.

The first NCW was a success, and discussion ensued in 1924 about establishing an annual event. The following year, the name was changed to “Old Coin Week,” and the event was planned for February 15-21. In 1925 Wormser said, “Let us all work together for the accomplishments of the principles for which the ANA was founded: To disperse numismatic knowledge . . . to demonstrate that numismatics is an educational and entertaining pursuit . . . and to imbue other collectors with your own enthusiasm and love for the subject.”    Continue reading...

Club Info & Activities

Fill out the form below to request promotional National Coin Week materials for your club. Check back soon for more information and our Club Trivia Challenge!

Club Trivia Challenge


Participating clubs answer 15 questions pertaining to the theme. Clubs that achieve the high score are entered in a drawing for the grand prizes.

Join a Coin Club


Resources for Clubs


ANA Member Activity


Writing Contest: A contest where members write about how numismatics creates unity. Topics can be historical/research based, or personal experiences about people coming together through coin club meetings, conventions, Summer Seminar, etc. Essays should be 350 words max, with images encouraged. Winning and high-quality entries will be featured on the ANA National Coin Week blog.

Youth Activity


Youth Activity, Bridges on Coins: Children are given close-ups of bridges featured on coins and paper money, and identify the objects.

Social Media Trivia Challenge


One question per day to win proof sets and one-year memberships. Everyone who provides the correct answer is entered in a drawing for the prize.