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Welcome to Video Vignettes, produced by the American Numismatic Association! These short (3 to 5 minutes) videos are designed to help you become a smarter, more informed collector. Check back regularly as additional videos will continue to be added.

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How to Store Coins

ANA Education Director Rod Gillis explains various ways you can store your coin collection.

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The 1943 Cent

ANA Education Director Rod Gillis details common misconceptions surrounding the 1943 cent.

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Programs for Young Collectors

ANA Education Director Rod Gillis outlines some of the fun and challenging programs for young collectors.

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Inheriting a Coin Collection: Ancient or World Coins

You’ve inherited a coin collection. Now what? This segment addresses the common questions collectors have who've recently inherited an Ancient or World coin collection, and what they need to know.

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Inheriting a Coin Collection: U.S. Coins

During this follow-up discussion, Rod Gillis explores the various options available when inheriting a U.S. coin collection. This vignette presents several helpful avenues for the collection whether you intend to sell, donate or keep it intact!

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Coin Collecting 101

This brief introduction to coin collecting for the beginner stresses the importance of deciding how to collect so that you can collect intelligently and derive the maximum amount of thrill from the hobby. Specific coin types are mentioned to help you focus on your collecting interests.

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Understanding Coin Grading

Many people shy away from grading coins. This discussion explains the two major different approaches to coin grading, and highlights resources that will aid you in expanding your grading knowledge.

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What Gives Coins Value?

In this brief discussion, learn the three most important variables that determine how much a coin is worth. Hint: One variable that has very little to do with value may be the first one that comes to mind.

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Buying Coins: Investor vs. Collector

ANA Education Director, Rod Gillis, explains the differences between investing in coins and purchasing coins for a collection.

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Where to Buy Coins

Rod Gillis, the ANA's education director, details the many avenues for acquiring coins when building a collection.

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Coin Collecting Misconceptions

Rod Gillis highlights some of the most common misconceptions regarding coin collecting.

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