Ways for Young Numismatists to Earn Auction Money


1. YN dollars can be used in our monthly YN auctions. New lots will be posted on the first of each month—bidding closes on the 15th. 

2. YN dollars can also be used for the annual Online YN Auction—held in September each year.

--This year's online auction takes place Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10:00 a.m. (MST)--

Want a printable version of the ways for YN's to earn YN dollars?  Click here
School projects on numismatics:
National Coin Week Projects:
20Give a talk at school
20Participate in ANA National Coin Week YN project
30Exhibit at school, library, local bank, etc.
5Local ANA member coin club meeting (each time)
10Regional ANA member coin organization (each time)
50Visit a U.S. Mint or BEP location (one visit per year, per location)
200Visit to ANA Money Museum/Headquarters (one visit per year)
Give talks or programs at:
10Local coin club meeting (each time)
50Educational forum at a school or a smaller, local coin show
Educational forum or lecture at a larger, regional non-ANA coin show
Serve as an officer for a:
25 Local ANA member coin club
75Regional ANA member organization
Obtain new members for: 
25Local ANA member coin club
50ANA (dues-paying members; not through Coins For A's)
Publish articles (440 words or more of original content) in: 
10Local coin club newsletter
25Regional club newsletter
25New blog post (limit of two per week--must be informative and not for minor issues or non-numismatic related information. Approval on a case by case basis; only worthy blogs will receive YN dollars for this activity)
50Hobby newspaper or magazine (Coin World, Numismatic News, Errorscope, etc.)
50School (middle or high school) newspaper or magazine
100Your Newsletter (YN dollars not awarded until after the article has been published)
200The Numismatist (YN dollars not awarded until after the article has been published)
Exhibit at:
Local Coin Show
Attend a local show (once per show, not each day)
50Participate/ display an exhibit
15Win 3rd place
20Win 2nd place
25Win 1st place
50Win Best of Show
Regional Coin Show
Attend a regional coin show (once per show, not each day)
10Attend a numismatic lecture/presentation
100Participate/ display an exhibit
30Win 3rd place
40Win 2nd place
50Win1st place
75Win Best of Show
150Win People's Choice
ANA Convention
200Participate/ display an exhibit
75Win 3rd place
100Win 2nd place
150Win 1st place
200Win Best of Show
400Win People's Choice
ANA Convention (NMS or WFM Shows:
50Attend a National Money Show or World's Fair of Money convention (once per show, not each day)
10Attend Page orientation
20Work as a Page (per day)
10Work at the Treasure Trivia Booth or Kids' Zone area (per hour)
25Complete the Treasure Trivia scavenger hunt (once per show)
25Attend a numismatic lecture
200Give a Money Talks presentation
10Check out book from ANA library (each time for a new title, not renewals)
20Annual subscription to Your Newsletter
25Earn Fun With Money Patch (Girls)
25Earn Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge (Boys)
25Publish an original review of a numismatic book--150 word minimum (limit of four per month)
50Participate in the annual YN auction (does not include monthly YN Auctions)
50Attend and complete a mini-seminar course at Summer Seminar
(limit of two nights per week--50 YN dollars per night)
200Complete/pass entire ANA Diploma Program (pass final exam)
250Complete/pass any ANA Correspondence Course (each course)
250Attend and complete Summer Seminar course (each course/class)
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