2022 National Coin Week Student Activity

The 2022 National Coin Week Student Activity has two parts:

  1. Draw a design of a landmark from a country other than the United States. The landmark can be naturally-occurring or manmade. The coin must include the country of origin, a date and a denomination that is correct to the country’s official currency. You are only responsible for the obverse of the coin. Download the design template here.

  2. In paragraph form, write a brief (250 words max) explanation of the landmark you chose including why you find that particular landmark interesting.

The Rules

  • There are two age divisions: 12 & under, and 13 to 17.
  • Equal consideration is given to the drawing and explanation. 
  • YN’s must download the 2022 NCW design sheet for their design.
  • YN’s must mail their design to the ANA. Emailed entries will not be accepted (many times the printer will not be able to print the entire design).
  • There is a grand prize for each age division. Every participant who has successfully followed the rules and regulations will receive a prize.
  • You do not have to be a member of the ANA to participate.
  • Make sure your entry includes your age and mailing address.

Thank you for your entries! Deadline passed May 6.

  Learn more about National Coin Week at NATIONALCOINWEEK.ORG  

Eiffel Tower
taj mahal
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