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Summer Seminar, is a once-a-year opportunity for numismatic learning and camaraderie that offers students a varied selection of week-long courses designed for discovery or continued study.

For many students, Summer Seminar is a life-changing event; it has catapulted the careers of several of the nation's most respected collectors, authors and dealers.

For over 40 years, Summer Seminar has featured classes to suit virtually every collector's hobby needs.  Most importantly, everyone attending Summer Seminar shares a common trait: a passion for numismatics.

Below is a list of scholarships offered by various clubs throughout the nation.

American Numismatic Association




 YN — Must be a full time student and an ANA member age 13 to 17.

 Adult — Must be an ANA member age 18 or over.


Central States Numismatic Society

Club Contact- Patricia Foley, foleylawoffice@gmail.com

Criteria- YN: Must be a CSNS member for 1 year.

                    Adult: Adult- Must be a CSNS member for 3 years.

Florida United Numismatists
Club Contact- Not available

Criteria- Must be a junior member of F.U.N (ages 14 to 21).

Georgia Numismatic Association
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- YN: Must be 13 to 22 years of age
Adult: Must be a GNA member

Greater Houston Coin Club
Club Contact- John Barber

Criteria- Must be a member of GHCC

Mesa Coin Club
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- Mesa club members only

Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- YN: Must be a member of MCCA age 13 to 22. 
                      Adult: Must be MCCA member age 23+.

Missouri Numismatic Society
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- Not Available

Michigan States Numismatic Society
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- Not Available

Military Numismatists Scholarship Fund
No class offered for 2019
Original Hobo Nickel Society
Club Contact- Bill Fivaz

Criteria- Applicants must be a member for three years. Qualified OHNS members must submit, in writing, why they want to receive a scholarship and mail to Bill Fivaz. Deadlines for application are printed in Bo Tales (OHNS club newsletter). 

Ozarks Coin Club
Club Contact- Not Available

Criteria- Not Available

Palm Beach Coin Club
Club Contact- Tony Swicer

Criteria- Must be a member of the Palm Beach Coin Club. The deadline is December 31.
Professional Numismatists Guild
Club Contact- Tina Bellance, info@pngdealers.org

Criteria- YNs between the ages of 13-22.

Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association

Club Contact- Danny Bisgaard, d.bisgaard@comcast.net

YN: Must be a PNNA member age 13 to 22.
Adult: Must be a PNNA member age 23+

Website- http://www.pnna.org/awards/scholarship_awards.html

Society of Silver Dollar Collectors
Club Contact- John Baumgart, john.baumgart@comcast.net

Criteria- Scholarship is for those interested in attending the "Collecting and Investing in Morgan Silver Dollars" course during Session 2.

South Carolina Numismatic Association
Club Contact- Pascal Brock

Criteria- Not Available

Texas Numismatic Association
Club Contact- Jack Gilbert

Criteria- Must be a member of the TNA for at least two years. Winners from the last two years are not eligible to win. Please email entries to gilbej@yahoo.com. Deadline is 12/12/2018.

Website- http://tna.org/

Women in Numismatics
Club Contact- Dave Heinrich,  winningwayseditor@gmail.com

Criteria- A WIN member for at least one year.

Colorado Wyoming Numismatic Association
Contact- Meghan Reed, seminars@money.org

Criteria - Must be a resident of either Colorado or Wyoming. The Colorado Wyoming Numismatic Association Scholarships are administered through the American Numismatic Association. To apply, use one of the ANA's Scholarship Applications:

Eugene H. Gardner YN Scholarship Fund
Contact - Meghan Reed, seminars@money.org

Endowed by Heritage auctions and established in 2014, the Eugene H. Gardner Scholarship Fund provides two full YN scholarships annually, administered through the American Numismatic Association. The two scholarships are awarded to the YN Auction Heads - one for each week.

To be considered for this scholarship, YNs (ages 13-17) must first attend Summer Seminar and participate in one of the YN Benefit Auctions.

The fund also receives annual donations from members. To make a donation, click here.
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