2024 National Money Show® Money Talks Schedule

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Money Talks provide members a forum in which to share their views and research with fellow hobbyists. The numismatic lectures are presented each year at ANA conventions and are free to attend. Presentations are 30 to 45-minute programs, including questions from the audience. 

Bob Bair: Numismatic Art Through the Ages – Thursday 3/14 @ 9am

This presentation examines the major historic, and symbolic influences upon numismatic art expressed from the time of Classical Greece (the Athenian Owl coin) through the Neoclassical numismatic expression (William Wyon, Augustus St. Gaudens, A. A. Weinman, et al.) of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Bob Bair has been involved in numismatics since 1956, first as a collector, then as a coin dealer. As a boy growing up in Northwest Wisconsin in the 1950s, he began saving coins from his newspaper route. Bair earned Masters Degrees in U. S. History (1970) and Educational Administration (1994) and then taught, coached, and served as a school principal until his retirement from education in 2010, when he continued his career as a coin dealer up to the


Douglas Mudd: The New Americana Gallery at the Money Museum – Thursday 3/14 @ 10am

The talk introduces the new Americana Gallery and Exhibit at Edward C. Rochette Money Museum. The new exhibit focuses on the history of coinage and paper currency in America using the ANA collections. The coins, tokens and currency illustrate the connections between American history with the numismatic history of the United States, from Columbus’ accidental discovery of the Americas, the development of alternative forms of necessity money, and the great gold rushes. Some very special, but rarely seen collections and donors will be highlighted including the famous Bebee collection of US Paper Currency and the more recent Baker-Manley collection of Washingtonia.

Douglas Mudd is the Curator / Director of the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for developing, planning, and content of the Museum’s exhibition program and the organization and care of the ANA collections. He has created dozens of numismatic exhibits for the museum and for the ANA’s semi-annual conventions. His recent work has expanded the museum’s exhibits into the virtual world of the internet including Trenches to Treaties: World War I in Remembrance and Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth which are available at https://www.money.org/money-museum.


Christian Strayhorn: Welcome to the ANA’s eLearning Academy – Thursday 3/14 @ 11am

Officially launching on April 29, 2024, the eLearning Academy will provide new member benefits, including a professionally created instructional video series called Aristotle’s Vault. Join this session with education Director Christian Strayhorn to learn how to navigate this new platform.

Christian Strayhorn is the Education Director at the ANA. Coming from 17 years in the education industry, she is excited to bring new tools, tips, and tricks to the world of numismatics.


Russ Bega: The Numismatic Circus: B. Max Mehl and Farran Zerbe – Thursday 3/14 @ 12 pm NumismaTalks – Live From the National Money Show

B Max Mehl and Farran Zerbe were two of the biggest and in some cases most controversial figures in 20th century numismatics. The intrigue and artifacts they left behind are truly a rich story fit for P. T. Barnum and his famous circus.

Russ Bega began collecting US coins when he was 8 years old after a trip to his local coin shop in Northern Colorado. He was previously employed by Heritage Auction Galleries, before departing on a decade long career as a US Army Infantry Non Commissioned Officer. In 2021 he joined the Harlan J. Berk team in Chicago, IL. His specialty is Liberty Seated coins and 19th century numismatics.


Sam Gelberd: Coin Collecting Basics – Thursday 3/14 @ 1pm

Numismatics can be confusing, especially when you are new to the hobby. This presentation, led by ANA Numismatic Education Manager Sam Gelberd, explains the nuances of coins and paper money, and teaches you how to collect wisely. It also provides helpful tips on grading and proper storage, handling, and preservation of coins.

Sam Gelberd is the Numismatic Education Manager for the ANA in Colorado Springs, CO. He holds a BA from Florida Atlantic University and was previously a middle school Social Studies teacher in South Florida. He performs outreach across the country, teaching various concepts about the hobby, especially for activities concerning Young Numismatists (YNs). Sam also fields inquiries (as numerous as they are varied) from the general public about numismatic-related objects, rare or otherwise. Sam was recognized by Florida United Numismatists last year as a Numismatic Ambassador.


Erik Karell: Collection or Load of Rubbish? What Makes the Difference – Friday 3/15 @ 9 am

What do an 1846 letter from an Australian sheep farmer, an 1896 campaign button, a money order and a check signed by a famous artist have in common? Attend this presentation and see what these seemingly unconnected items can tell us about our money and banking in the “Gilded Age”.

Dr. Karell is a lifelong collector of paper money, coins, and stamps. A veteran of the submarine force, he is now a nuclear chemical engineer for the US Naval Nuclear Program. In his free time he is an amateur artist and has devoted time to practicing the arts of painting and letterpress printing. He loves to be able to say that he studied under Chris Madden, Chief Engraver at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing – even if it was only for a week at the ANA summer seminar! Most recently Dr. Karell was a Sundman lecturer at the 2022 Chicago World’s Fair of Money with a talk entitled “The Masterpiece in Your Wallet – Paper Money as Art”.


Helen-Louise Boling: Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell: War Time Nurses Commemorated on Medals and Currency – Friday 3/15 @ 10am

The lives of Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell, illustrated with numismatic and other images. Nightingale is known for her work in the Crimea, and then in nursing education. Cavell established nursing education in Belgium, and took great risks assisting downed British fliers to escape Belgium.

Helen is a numismatic dilettante, wandering the bourse at shows looking for whatever catches her eye – an interesting historical medal, folk jewelry incorporating coins, military exonumia. To expand her numismatic knowledge, she has taken a variety of courses at the ANA Summer Seminar. She is also a former US Army nurse and as such, find the careers of Nightingale and Cavell deeply inspiring.


Bob Bair: The End of the American Frontier and its Influence on U.S. Coinage Design Since the Early Twentieth Century – Friday 3/15 @ 11am

Blending U. S. History and numismatics, this presentation examines the transformation of the U. S. in the late 19th Century from an agrarian nation into an urban, industrial world power in the Twentieth Century. The influence of these societal changes on U. S. coinage design was profound, and far-reaching.

Bob Bair has been involved in numismatics since 1956, first as a collector, then as a coin dealer. As a boy growing up in Northwest Wisconsin in the 1950s, he began saving coins from his newspaper route. Bair earned Masters Degrees in U. S. History (1970) and Educational Administration (1994) and then taught, coached, and served as a school principal until his retirement from education in 2010, when he continued his career as a coin dealer up to the


Akio Lis: Thomas Jefferson’s work in the creation of the American Monetary System – Friday 3/15 @ Noon

Thomas Jefferson’s work as Secretary of State included the proposed restructuring of standard weights and measures and the establishment of a decimal currency system. This presentation will provide an overview of these systems, their connections to Jefferson’s diplomatic work, and the effect on international economic systems today.

Akio Lis joined the ANA staff as Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library Manager in 2021. Previously, he volunteered with the Dwight N. Manley Library and worked with the Summer Seminar YN auctions. His experience working with past ANA Library managers inform his priorities in the growth of the library, particularly in the variety of references offered and in developing access to the archives.


Justin Hinh: Guns, Gamblers & Grains: The Untold History of Dansco Specialty Albums – Friday 3/15 @ 1pm

From the Gulf War, gambler’s hoarding silver, and an international effort to fight global hunger, discover how previously unknown specialty Dansco albums capture a unique glimpse into pivotal events that shaped our world.

Known in the Instagram numismatic community as the ‘Dansco Dude,’, Justin Hinh is a leading researcher on Dansco and owns the worlds largest collection of Dansco albums & folders. He is on a life-long quest to own one of every Dansco album ever made.


Thomas Sparks: The Short Snorter of SGT Mickey McKeogh, Orderly of General Dwight D. Eisenhower During World War II – Friday 3/15 @ 2pm

SGT Mickey McKeogh was the orderly of General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower for the entirety of World War Two. He started a short snorter on November 25, 1942, in Algiers and it has recently been acquired and archived by Thomas Sparks of the Short Snorter Project.
This talk will highlight the signatures and historical significance of this rare artifact.

Thomas J. Sparks is the founder of the non-profit educational Short Snorter Project. His father introduced him to coin collecting in 1966 and The Numismatist introduced him to Short Snorters in 2002. He began his mission to educate the general public about the short snorter tradition in 2007 by launching a website which resulted in a flood of information and access to artifacts. He began exhibiting at coin shows and aviation museums and published a digital book about the subject in 2020 for the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II. He is a member of the Boeing Employees Coin Club, the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association, the American Numismatic Association, the Museum of Flight, and the National WWII Museum. He lives in Bozeman, Montana, with his wife Darcy and they have three children and four grand-children.


Jeff Shevlin: So-Called Dollars – United States Expositions – Friday 3/15 @ 3pm

So-Called dollars are medals struck to commemorate events in the history of the United States. Many were struck by the US Mint, others were privately issued. International expositions were held in the mid-1850’s until the mid-1960s. Come to see the interesting medals struck to commemorate these historical events.

Jeff is a nationally recognized expert on so-called dollars, he’s a writer, researcher, publisher, cataloguer, public speaker, dealer, and numismatic consultant to major auction firms and professional, grading firms. He has authored numerous books on the topic. Jeff is a life member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), a former Executive Director of the ANA and instructor at the summer seminar hosted by the ANA.


Ted Puls M.D.: Dong Zhou Wu Zhu, Misunderstood Spawn of War – Friday 3/15 @ 4pm

General Dong Zhou conquered the Chinese capital but was quickly evicted but not before extensively looting the city. He produced highly inflated coins supposedly for only one year in 192 A.D. This short time is unlikely as evidenced by the actual coins.

Ted Puls collector since 1968. Started collecting Chinese after a dealer gave me a sack of cash and a book with instructions to “figure out what those are.” This expanded my interest far from U.S. and into diverse world, and ethnographic money, as well as a learning history that is remembered better with these tokens from the time.

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