2023 nms museum showcase

Museum Showcase

Show attendees have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable coins, paper money and related numismatic treasures not seen anywhere else. The Museum Showcase features rare and historic items from the ANA’s Money Museum and items generously lent to the ANA from private collections.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel

One of the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels made under mysterious circumstances at the Philadelphia Mint and insured now for $3 million.

1913 nickel

1804 Draped Bust U.S. Silver Dollar

The “King of U.S. Coins”, insured for $4 million, is among the most coveted of all U.S. rare coins, with only 15 known examples.

1804 dollar
100 trillion zimbabwe note

Zimbabwe Inflation Notes – A Cautionary Tale

The Republic of Zimbabwe, formerly known as Southern Rhodesia (1911-1964) or Rhodesia (1964-1979), is located in southern Africa, sharing its borders with South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia.  Since February of 2007, Zimbabwe has endured the worst modern case of hyperinflation, a situation largely self-inflicted by its government, rated as one of the most corrupt in the world (157th out of 177).  At its height from 2008 to 2009, Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation was estimated at 79.6 billion percent per month. This exhibit uses paper currency to document the history of this ongoing national disaster. 

The First U.S. Dimes

The United States Mint began operations in 1792 with experimental strikes of a limited number of coins.  It did not issue a full range of authorized denominations until 1796 – the year the first dimes were put into circulation.  This display features three 1796 and 1797 dimes showing the small eagle variety issued only in those two years – thus representing the first regular-issue dimes of the United States.

1796 dime

1943 Bronze Cent Error

Visitors can also see for the first time in Atlanta a unique World War II era Lincoln cent made in 1943 of bronze alloy, rather than zinc-coated steel to conserve copper, that sold for more than $1 million two years ago.

1943 error lincoln cent

1944 Zinc-plated Steel Cent Error

Though not as well known, 1944 steel cents errors are also quite rare with perhaps 35 examples in existence from all mints. 

1944 lincoln cent

Error Notes

This showcase offers a selection of incredible printing errors in the ANA’s signature Bebee Collection of U.S. Paper Money. As notes are produced, a variety of mistakes can occur, among them double denominations, improper alignment, inverted backs, seal overprints, and misaligned or missing serial numbers.

Baker-Manley Washingtonia Exhibition

The Baker-Manley collection of Washington-related medals is the ultimate grouping of numismatic Washingtonia not only for its quality and size (over 950 pieces) but for its provenance – the core of this collection was formed by William Spohn Baker (1824-1897), the first numismatic researcher to compile a comprehensive catalog of medals related to George Washington.  Make sure to view this exhibit featuring highlights from this important collection donated by ANA benefactor and life member, Dwight N. Manley.

1797 washington medal

1933 Eagle

The United States Mint produced 312,500 gold Eagles in 1933; however, less than 40 are known to survive today. The display at the 2023 National Money Show will be a rare public appearance for this historic coin designed by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

1933 eagle

Renaissance Medals

The modern medal was introduced in Italy during the late 14th century, a result of the revived interest in the classical world and the desire of Italian elites to immortalize their accomplishments and fame as had their ancient Roman predecessors. It combined the high arts of sculpture and literature with the durability of coins, resulting in a transportable artwork that perfectly fulfilled the desire for the personal and cultural immortality achieved by Rome and individuals like Julius Caesar, Cicero and the Roman emperors. 

Renaissance Medals
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